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PUBG Mobile/BGMI C1S2 M3 RP Leaks: Royal Pass, upcoming skins and brand collaborations

Players will get new gun skins and avatar!

After the recent update, PUBG Mobile or BGMI have introduced the new RP cycle, the Royal Pass of the C1S2 season where M3 is the latest installment that the players will see. In the new system, a player can get more than double the rewards they used to get in the old season system. The next month or M3 is no exception as the developers are back with more exciting and cool skins and rewards.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI C1S2 M3 RP Leaks: Royal Pass theme

As per the leaks and reports available, the Royal Pass will be supposedly themed around food items, specifically fast food as teased by the upcoming RP avatar and RP outfits.

PUBG Mobile C1S2 Month 3 RP Avatar
PUBG Mobile/ BGMI C1S2 M3: RP Avatar

The outfit which can be claimed at RP Level 50 after buying the respective season’s Royal Pass is also themed on the same subject. This is evident from the possible leak of the outfit.

PUBG Mobile C1S2 Month 3 RP Outfit
PUBG Mobile/ BGMI C1S2 M3: RP Outfit

Also for the free RP users, there will be one guaranteed gun skin like every season. This time the skin will be that of Groza, a fan-favorite weapon. Thus, this will be widely used as there’s hardly anyone who wants to miss out on getting a free gun skin.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI C1S2 M3 RP Leaks: New upgradeable gun skins

In this upcoming C1S2 M3, PUBG Mobile/ BGMI will bring in more than one upgradeable gun skin for the players. It is bound to attract the players because of their maxed final forms. All the guns will unlock special effects when the skins will be upgraded and will be visible when killing an enemy in the form of a death message or a special kill effect. The upgradeable gun skins for the installment of M3 are as follows.

  • M416– TechnoCore (The skin will have 4 levels to upgrade)
  • QBZ– Fatal Strike (The skin will have 4 levels to upgrade)
  • M762– Deadly Precision

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg collaboration

Koenigsegg emblem
Koenigsegg brand emblem

In the past few months, we have seen that PUBG Mobile and its sub-versions have collaborated with global car manufacturing tycoons such as Tesla and McLaren. This has brought in skins of cars of the specified companies and was met with an overwhelming response from the player base. Well, those who are ready to cash in yet again, hold tight, as the game is now collaborating with yet another supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg from Sweden. One of the leading supercar brands across the world, Koenigsegg will collaborate with PUBG Mobile to bring in skins for the Dacia and the rather new-addition Coupe RB.

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg- Koenigsegg Gemera
PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg collaboration: Koenigsegg Gemera

Both the vehicles will get skins for 1 car model each. The Dacia will be assigned a Legendary Koenigsegg Gemera skin while the Coupe RB will be assigned a Mythic Koenigsegg Jesko skin. Keeping in mind with the past collaborations, it might be safe to say that the skins won’t come in cheap but will indeed be rewarding and worth it to those who manage to acquire them.

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg- Koenigsegg Jesko
PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg collaboration: Koenigsegg Jesko


As always, PUBG Mobile is bringing in a batch of new and exciting skins like they do every season. These additions and their success cannot be judged by any means, other than player reviews and responses. But with the developers making big moves such as collaborations with globally renowned companies, the game is supposed to gain a stronger market position.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG Mobile/ BGMI C1S2 M3 RP leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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