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275 Apps including PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans are being considered for ban in India

The Indian Government is monitoring 275 Chinese apps for violation of national security and user privacy, as reported by the Economic Times. This list of Chinese apps facing a ban threat in India includes popular mobile games like PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans, and other Supercell games as well. This follows the ban of 47 Chinese apps recently, which were found to be cloned versions of some of the 59 Chinese apps which were banned last month including major games like Mobile Legends and Clash of Kings. All of this comes from the aftermath of a clash involving India & China at the Galwan Valley on June 15 which led to 20 Indian soldiers losing their lives.

Why are the Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile & Clash of Clans being considered for ban in India?

Previously, the 59 apps including Mobile Legends & Clash of Kings were banned for misuse on both android and iOs platforms for “stealing and transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers located outside India“, as announced by the Ministry of Electronics & IT. Very recently, another 47 apps were banned by the Government after being found to be the clones of some of the previously banned apps.

About the 275 apps being scrutinized for a potential ban including PUBG Mobile & Clash of Clans, official sources close to the Union Home Ministry said that reviews aimed at identifying more Chinese apps and their funding is underway.

 Some of these apps have been red-flagged due to security reasons while others have been listed for violation of data sharing and privacy concerns


Additionally, officials are also looking at the data-sharing norm of China that requires companies of Chinese-origin to share data with the home country, irrespective of where they operate.

Which apps other than PUBG Mobile & Clash of Clans are being considered for ban?

PUBG Mobile Clash of Clans ban in India
Image Credit: The Economic Times

Among the Chinese apps being scrutinised now are 14 Mi apps by Xiaomi. Apps from other Chinese internet and tech majors like Meitu, LBE Tech, Perfect Corp, Sina Corp, NetEase Games, Yoozoo Global are also present apart from China’s largest internet major Tencent Games. Also in the list are Helsinki based publisher Supercell, where Tencent bought a stake last year. That means major games from these companies such as PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Marvel Super War along with upcoming Eve Echoes are all facing a potential ban threat in India.

When will these apps be banned?

An official from the Ministry of Electronics & IT said the Indian government will follow due process before undertaking any ban on all, some or none of the 275 Chinese apps. “There is a process involved, there is a committee in place for such ban orders. If there is such an order, then MeitY will act”, said the person.

Meanwhile, the Indian government set up a committee to examine the data practices of the 59 Chinese apps previously banned will review the companies’ responses, the deadline for which expires this week. Further actions will be taken if needed. As we understand, there are some procedures currently going on regarding the potential ban of the 275 Chinese apps including the likes of PUBG Mobile & Clash of Clans in India.

Final thoughts

The apps being considered for ban currently have a huge market in India, particularly PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans. PUBG Mobile recently reached $3 Billion in lifetime revenue with 734 million downloads, where India ranked in No.1 with 175 million total installations, 24% of the total. Supercell Games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars have been massively popular in India as well. So it’s understandable that many of the Indian gamers won’t be happy as these apps are being considered for ban.

There have been recent movements like #BanChineseProducts and #BoycottMadeInChina on social media, where people from different communities raised voice for banning Chinese apps, games and other products as well. The Indian government is taking serious steps as they look to tighten the security of the Indian cyberspace.

That’s all we got for today regarding as Indian government considers 275 Chinese apps PUBG Mobile & Clash of Clans for ban in IndiaWhat is your opinion on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Captain JOJO

Damn you govt, khud to kuch nahi karte.. I will never vote Modi Ji if he bans PUBG Mobile. Never Never Never ever….

Parijat bhattacharjee

It will be good to ban such a shit game like pubg


Pubg is not shit it is a income source for youtubers and entertainer


There are many games and entertain others


Pubg it’s not shit okk bro it’s sourse of income for some talante players


Stop being selfish bro, PUBG and other games have more cons than pros, look at this logically modi ji is perfectly right, these games have been ruining our india’s young generation, dont think of me as one who dosemt knows what games are i have been gaming since i was 7, started pubg on the first day of release in india and played till season 6-7 but the i saw what was happening, due to pubg i nevr spent time with family, or g out with friends or study nothing, soon it got serious and i decided to stop gaming… Read more »

Harshvardhan Chaturvedi

I support ban of Chinese apps and games but supercell is not Chinese for gods sake!


Exactly…y is supercell being banned..?


I am sure coc will not be banned because it’s the safest game in india I think I should start destroying some Chinese bases in coc


Dude if u know what stocks are…..then let me brief u the summary…..Tencent (largest gaming company n unfortunately Chinese company) owns 81.6% of its stock 😒😒😒 so u get the rest picture


Plz Modi ji plz don’t ban clash of clans


Yeah pls do not ban supercell modi ji especially brawlstars


Google it.. From 2016, Tencent has 84% stake in Supercell.. I didn’t knew this too.. I am sad..😢

Harsh hate

Yupp I too don’t think supercell is Chinese I have been playing clash of clans since ages. I don’t think that game should be banned from india. Yaa I can understand that if pubg is banned it’s totally alright as the developer of tancent gaming is is Chinese person . But please don’t take down supercell or clash of clans from india 🙏


Supercell is owned by tecent which is chinese


China invests in supercell

Sonu Kumar S

The ban of apps is not concerned with only Chinese apps it is concerned with the data they collect and sell in Dark Network for their own profit. This is the only reason so many apps are under observation of many intelligence agencies.

Sayan Banerjee

Tencent buys 81% share of supercell


Pubg is owned by Tencent which is from south Korea.

Kushagra jha

Bhai bolne se pehle thora google kar le tencent chinese hai bluehole korean hai


But it is now a tencent company game and tencent is owned by china


Do u study or just play PUBG for 14hrs a day?Or only buying RP without any skill?Dude u r in virtual world not in this real world,go n try to study ,these games destroyed my life n others.Ban hone doo uske badd daru pilena sab bhul ke ek naya life start karlo,🤣.


Let them ban all the games but they should leave a few supercell games like brawl stars. I don’t care if they ban pubg or any other garbage games

Vijaya Krishna

They gave access to tiktok and qq. See in supercell privacy

Kushagra jha

Yeah but 45% stakes are bought by tencent so yeah it should be banned


Because Tencent Pvt. Ltd bought 84.6% stake of supercell in 2016 which is Chinese company.

Sudip Das

Bro appreciate your decision 👍


If this mad people ban the pubg it will harm to gamers like mortal,dynamo,tacaz and don’t ban pubg it’s our request


Bhai wo lok already popular hogaya unka life set hogya tera huya kya aur yee PUBG tera life set kr legaya kya?Mortal aur jho bhi he bla bla bla wo lok kuch PC ya PS 4,4pro,5 purchase karleng,tu karega kya?!!Wo lok iphone use karte hein tereko diya kya be!!?Apne aur ghar ke bare soch unkeliye nehi murkhhh.


I have been playing coc since 11 months and I know that they are just funded by Tencent but I do agree that pubg should be banned because they are almost bought away by tencent


That’s your problem not ours….. I’m playing PUBG Mobile from season 3…. & I’M also reached ace 3-14 seasons. I’m spending time with my family, friends and study too… I didn’t get any problems


Super bro fantastic speech bro love you


Sounds like you dont know how yo manage time and control addiction. Good for you who deleted it. But in other aspects, for many it is a way to socialise and it is also really helping Indians reputation in the global mobile gaming scenario as Indian teams emerge as the top ones. Fanatic is one of the top teams globally but it extended its branch to mobile gaming and hired Indians, who haven’t let us down.

Devansh kumar

Bhai dekho kuch aisa hai ki aap ki privacy ya phir aap ki facbook a/c ya insta ya phir koi bhi private cheese ke baare mein kisi aur ko pta ho aur aap ke data se wo kuch galat kaam kare to phir kaisa lagega aapko.
Bus aise he jab BHARAT ka koi data aur koi use krega to kaisa lagega.
Aap game pe mt jaao ho sakta hai bharat ke game developers koi bohot tagda game introduce kare. So bs yahi hai ki judge karne se pehle aap khud ko us jagah par rakh ke dekhiye.


Bhai call of duty khel le black khel le bhut option hai

R. Patel

@captain Jojo… Ek game के lia itna गिर जाओगे क्या.

Kavita Tiwari

Supercell is not an chinese company
It belongs to Finland Europe


Pls say something after you make it sure…..After all still supercell is European and the only thing is they have a lil part of them in Shanghai (I think it’s Shanghai)


And still they dont use Tencent anywhere in the game…it shows supercell when opened


Those are the things normal people like us do not know. But yes, it is true that Supercell is owned by Tencent as it has been flagged under those 275 apps.

So we can only wait and see the final verdict from the Indian Govt.


Bro agar kuch time mile to google par thoda dekhna coc ko ban krne ka to koi mtlb hi nhi h


Chinese companies invested in BigBasket, Byjus, Flipkart,Makemytrip, Flipkart,Ola, Paytm Snapdeal, Swiggy ,Zomato, are few. Also have stake in HDFC , ICICI , Ambuja, Piramal health care. Government cannot ban.them all.

Don no.1

Bc sale indian government ek apani app bhi nahi bana sakti hai. Aur microsoft team use kar rahi hai online study ke liye .
Nahi ye kya hai.


Microsoft teams is so much better than zoom lmao


Yes I agree clans of clans will never be banned in india

Suraj Rawat

Clash of clan😍😍😍

Raj Kumar

But more than 50 percent% shares hold buy tancent gaming


Yaa its not chinese company then why they are going to ban this ??


Isn’t that what they said bout mobile legend n all 😞

Achilles achu

Supercell is owned by tencent,. Approx 84% share of supercell is owned by tencent. Tencent is chinese


Ya bro. Of brawl stars will be banned then I will I will be speechless. Cause it is my childhood game and I still play it.😔

Vijaya Krishna

But qq and tik took have access, see in privacy policy of supercell


Pubg or COC if it’s threat to our national security then it should be banned as quick as possible


Why coc, coc is developed and created by finland…. Not “china”
Pubg is created by china
Pubg and free fire should be banned in India😀

Last edited 3 years ago by Ankush
Suraj Rawat

Yes bro i agree


PUBG and free fire was not made by china
It is Beacause of some connection 😐


Do they even know what kind of national security threat,, after more than a year of launching the game now Indian gov realised it’s a national threat cut this crap.


Thi k of this as if indian gamers are giving thier money to china in indirect way and china using it against india, there was no problem until 20 india jawans were killed by chinese poops, we need to take action at ground zero, indian gamers should not be selfish, what is important to you life of indian jawan who keep us safe?? Or your personal entertainment or an source of income which i harmful to your own country???


Dude u understand what ur sayin? 😒 They game mf 😒😒 how tf national security in it? 😒😒


There is a 2 way threat if we keep playing chinese games. 1: chinese earn money the more we spend our time in such games which they use in military actions. 2: they steal your data from your phone and send them to chinese agencies. Beware. Quit playing

Bugs Rogers

Jacobus Petrus “Koos” Bekker is a South African billionaire businessman, and the chairman of media group Naspers.Nasper owns tencent and tencent owns supercell so it is not Chinese company

Apurva soni

It’s great thing indian government doing. Currently lot of gamers are against it, i was also playing brawl stars and clash royale.. But once all games bans, all the gamers will realize that how much time that game was westing for them. How much frustration that game was giving to them.. If u are playing these games just ask yourself… Does this games done anything good to u?? Yeah some people might earning by streaming bt u can do that in other games as well and we should not be such a selfish that for our entertaintment and fun, we… Read more »


Dude keep them philosophy in ur damn undies …

John Sebastian

Supercell is not a chinese company.
It is based around Finland.

Dattatreya Das

Abe sala govt khud abtak me kuch achieve nahin kar paya aur game ban karke harami log zyaada hoshiyaar ban rahe hai.
If coc is banned then I would never vote Modi, Woh game ban karke PM kya karega??
To ham bhi vaada karte hai ki ham Modi ko
vote na karke BJP ko ban karenga.


Agar itni hi problem ha to khud kyu ni ek app develop kr dete..are you only made to play that.


Bhai yr, game hi hai agar tere game na khelne se enemy country ko nuksaan ho rha hai toh phir kyu khelna game??? Sahi kr rhe hai modi ji, ek baar thande dimag se soch kya mila game se?, Nhi matter krti yeh games abhi hum young hai tu game me kya real life me achieve kr kuch tab baat bane tab dosto ko bolna game ki kuch achieve krne se kya mila? Gems ya uc ya kpde??? Real life me unki kya value??? 0 rupee….sab waste gya

Parijat bhattacharjee

Plz ban pubg

Sudhir kumar Singh

Khud sa tho kuch hota nhi ha sab kuch public kara public kya baap ha kya tumari jo milata ha usa ban kar do apni khud ki itni bhi aokat nhi ki kuch apni country ma bhi bana la sab kuch bhar aa maheta ho ma to apna search engine ha nhi apna khud ka made in India defense system ha phela apni ya kami shi karo apni uska bad hamara game ban karna bc………


I will definitely uninstall pubg. it is a small price to pay for our Indian soldier.


Yes I also uninstalled it


What is the reason for banning these games and apps from China ?


Please check your facts before posting articles online! Clash of clans is by no means a Chinese game… Supercell is a Finnish developer and one of the most secure developers out there!!! Take news can be misleading for kids…


Hi, Abrar.

Just to let you know, we at GamingonPhone, strictly against providing misleading information. We do not post anything that is not true. In this case, you can see the original report came from The Economic Times, and I guess we all know the authenticity.

About Supercell being Chinese owned, please do your own research before writing such things in the comments. I hope you can understand.

P.S. – I’m an avid mobile gamer who has been playing Supercell games from 2014.

Parts Ag

I might leave the country if supercell games are banned….dare not ban supercell games…..otherwise India might see a civil war…I am very angry after reading this news…


Very true😢!


You may leave right now, you by no means deseve to be in india, better move out today itself, such a shame living in india and working against india…


Then why you guys paying real money directly for american based apps like netflix? you better get out of here! supercell games may be his only anti-depressant in this quarantine. who are you to criticize other people?


Superb decision by govt. Bacho ki aankhe kharab kam hogi


They should Ban Pubg! But not Coc! This is Unfair!!! It’s a Finnish Company!!!!!


COC maybe owned by tencent now but I don’t think it’s a threat .. it should never be banned .. coc has only improved over years…. Never a single complain …


Pubg and Clash of clans are not China operated games… they are run by South Korea and Finland respectively and has no relations with China.


Google it!!!

Bee da bee bee

Why even consider to ban supercell app and non-Chinese apps?


Thank God I never voted for this dumb govt n from now on I won’t ever do it n ask my parents to do the same 😤😤


If government ban apps and games based on investors than Indian play store will be empty


Worst gov. Someone tell him coc is not a Chinese app and Chinese do not collap in coc. Khud kuch hota ni app ban krvalo phle inse😠

Jai Aditya

As pubg was taken my china and clash of clans was not introduced in China and controlled by supercell…,ban pubg but don’t ban clash of clans….🙏🙏🙏

Orion tamang

Yes banned this pub g I hate this game.


Call of duty: mobile is too developed by Tencent !!!!


I will kill Tencent’s if coc is banned in india


Well first of all have this post is not government declaration. And this guy is not gather information about anything. @Srijeet De do your research and don’t mislead peoples.

Rehan khan

Clash of clans is a finlandian game not a chinese and if the government wants to ban pubg so they can i have no problem but remember clash of clans is not chinese you can check on playstore


Why theyre ban all those games they cant make games likke pubg mobile in there full life ever and they made a joke called free fire,banned that Idiotic game firstly.


Norway invented clash of clans government should not banned this game
Government should be banned pubg

Nirmal Gyawali

Can anyone review how facebook and Google use data, being American does not makes them escape from radar.


bro, (they) are behind in this move! they make us to boycott chinese apps and they’ll make us to pay for their apps like (shitflix) ,they are just digitally invading us once again

Jamlunmang Haokip

Refund karo coc ko banned karna he to

Puneet Raj

Game chahe koi bhi ho it depends on us k hm kaise use krte usko… Kuch income ka source bnate to kuch beda garak krne ka… Let’s see kya hota

Puneet Raj

Jb Jammu Kashmir mai Net bnd kr diya tha and abhi bhi 2g chalta hai… Bakki states k log kehre the that it’s good. Security is must… Vaise isme security vala kuch nhi hai because jo kissi ne galat krna 2g mai bhi kr skte… For only those people… Ban krna inn games ko acha hai hmari generation aur ane vali generation k liye.

Karan thapa

If the government bans pubg
We will never vote any politician or government person.
And pubg is not full Chinese app
Only 10% is supported by china.
It’s a Korean app.


Don’t ban the clash of clans 😠

Vijaya Krishna

I’m town hall13 about to Max in 5-6 months. I support ban. #bancoc


Great decision of ban on Chinese game and apps but some games and app are not of China like free fire clash of clans and too many games and app


Sir,i know ki pubg ke wajah se bacche bigad rahe hai par jo is game ko source or income banaye hai like dynamogaming,mortal,and many others un sabka kay jo log is game se kuch hasil kiye hai unka kay to i think ki pubg ban nahi honabchahiye ha ek rule laga dijiye ki is game ko sirf log 5-6 hours hi khel paaye fir ye run na kare bas simple….


For ur kind information coc is not chinese, its finnish

Sayak Mitra

Yes, Supercell is a company based in Finland but as per Forbes Report in June 16, Tencent Games acquires a majority of 81.4% interest in Supercell at a valuation of $10.2 Billion. Thus making Tencent a majority stakeholder in the company, which is itself a Chinese company. Supercell isn’t a Chinese company but it is owned by Tencent, a Chinese concern. Hope you get your facts right :’)


This is a right decision of india and I think india should make their own game to beat all the Chinese app


Pubg has changed life’s of many people to have a bright future pls don’t ban pubg

Devansh kumar

Agar pubg ban bhi ho raha hai to iye golden opportunity hai wo logo ke liye Jo game developers hain. Aur unhein just like pubg kuch Naya sa try karna chahiye by using india’s map or game jo ki pubg jaisa ho aur kuch india ka tadka ho.


I can understand it’s a great shock to all gamers…I don’t play pubg and COC….but I am a big lover of clash royale.supercell had recently announced the new update of clan wars 2 in clash royale.and now it’s a very frustrating news to all cr players…I can understand that safety of our country is most essential……but can not this problem b solved in another way without banning these games?? Can’t supercell break up their partnership with ten cent??I request modiji with respect plz don’t ban those games sir……I beg u🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.it’s a emotional thing to all gamers…..plz don’t ban those game… Read more »


If supercell ban in india then spercell will take their shares from chinese company named tencent and then china will be the begger.I think supercell will not ban in India.


Government doing a great work in India. Today we making pubg very addition for Indian’s people it very sad to hear the pubg app chains app. We should ban it


I will support the government by banning pubg. Keep ban Chinese app


Dont spread fake news as supercell is finland based company and also it doesn’t ask you for any kind of permissions.

Sayak Mitra

Yes, Supercell is a company based in Finland but as per Forbes Report on June 16, Tencent Games acquires a majority of 81.4% interest in Supercell at a valuation of $10.2 Billion. Thus making Tencent a majority stakeholder in the company, which is itself a Chinese company. Supercell isn’t a Chinese company but it is owned by Tencent, a Chinese concern. Hope you get your facts right. We never spread any kind of fake news here mate. Check yourself :’)


India pubg jesa game bna skti he to pubg ban kr do or kya


I just want to say one thing -Modi I have always admired you but if you ban games that many kids play (supercell) for no reason I don’t think you will get 3 in a row (or ever) to be pm again .PS-don’t arrest me


To all you stupid people, Supercell is not owned partly or by any Chinese company 😠😠😠😠😠the author should also get their facts straight. Supercell is working with a Chinese company but was never and is never going to be owned by tencent at all😠😠😠

Sayak Mitra

Pipe down mate and check the link. Get your facts straight and then you may call out others :).


dm in ur mail

Last edited 3 years ago by ashwin
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