#BoycottMadeInChina: How it will affect the Indian Mobile Gaming scene

The COVID-19 pandemic has really hit hard on the growing market. While we explore the gaming scene, it is not any different. Many events have been either postponed or canceled within the span of two-three months. The biggest developers have their concerns about travel, so the gaming events aren’t expected to run soon. However, the increase of online players has been a sharp curve, still increasing, which is of substantial importance. While the majority of the games are developed by China, the games have tallied a lot of active players. Amidst this, Indians have started boycotting Chinese products, which has even spread its wave across the games that users play on a daily basis. It is to an extent that, a trending tagline #BoycottMadeInChina is nearly a revolution in the country.

This is a trend that was in the scene for a long time, ever since China started border disputes in India a few years back. Recently, this caught up more fire. The trend is popularized by Sonam Wangchuk, an Indian Innovator and Reformist, well known for the inspiration behind 3 Idiots.

Sonam Wangchuk on 31st May

The reason behind #BoycottMadeInChina is again the disturbance along the LAC (Line of Actual Control). Another reason is the spread of COVID-19, where the majority of the Indians hold China solely responsible for the same. This is now a matter of sentiment to many fellow countrymen, where many joined hands to the trend. However, the topic of discussion is how #BoycottMadeInChina will affect the mobile gaming scene in India.

Remove China App: To support the cause of #BoycottMadeInChina

The developments in producing apps to compete with Chinese started recently because of the TikTok v YouTube battle. To support the cause against TikTok, an alternative app from India named Mitron was launched. Meanwhile, the anti-China sentiments have forced the development of a new app called Remove China Apps.

A free to download app developed by OneTouch AppLabs, the app is designed to detect Chinese apps and games installed on your device. Completely developed in India, the users will get an option to scan their device, check all the China-based apps on the phone, and with options to delete them.

Available only for Android currently, the app is having 1M+ downloads within a span of two weeks. However, if your phone is manufactured in China and there are pre-installed apps on the phone, they won’t get detected.

A very well-known fact is that most of the apps that are popular in India are developed in China. As the games are concerned, it isn’t any different. Tencent Games, the world’s largest video game developers and also popular for PUBG Mobile is a Chinese company. It is also a parent organization for most of the big developers such as Riot Games (complete ownership), Supercell (80%), Epic Games (40%) to name a few.

Tencent GamesPUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, Ludo World
Riot GamesTeamfight Tactics, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra
Epic GamesFotnite Battle Royale

These subsidiaries, along with Tencent are having the biggest mobile games where billions of players invest time and money. Along with these, there include following companies that are from China:

FunPlus/Century GameKing of Avalon, Family Farm Seaside
NetEase GamesRules of Survival, Cyber Hunter, LifeAfter, Stick Fight, Marvel Super War, Creative Destruction
OurPalm3 Kingdoms Tower Defense
YottaGamesMafia City
Lillith GamesRise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, Art of Conquest, Soul Hunters, AFK Arena
Dr.PandaIce Cream truck, Pet World
MoontonMobile Legends: Bang Bang, ML: Adventure
I Got Games (IGG)Lords Mobile, Castle Clash

How will it affect the Indian Mobile Gaming scene?

Undoubtedly, the Indian market has been the favorite space for many game developers to expand the game base. Indian audience is very attentive to the release of new games, and definitely spend a lot of time on games. There are a lot of active Indian players and also, a lot of audiences follow popular streamers and gamers in the country. When we consider games like PUBG Mobile, where Indian players are in abundance, trends like #BoycottMadeInChina will surely affect Tencent.

While we consider the statistics, Tencent confirms that there are nearly 30-40 million people who play PUBG mobile daily. Also, results from several surveys explain there are almost 20-30% Indians among the active users who play PUBG on a regular basis. So, we can take a count of around 8-15 million Indians to play PUBG regularly. On a monthly basis, the numbers go much higher. But here the matter of concern for China is that even if they lose half of the players, the revenue generation is hindering.

This is just an example of the biggest game in India if members of your family don’t play Ludo anymore. There are many games developed in China that rely on populated markets such as India, whose involvement is the map to the success of the games played.

#BoycottMadeInChina has affected opular games like PUBG Mobile
PUBG and PUBG Lite are two of the popular games in India

Now we play the trump card in the form of Remove China App. While scanning, the app detects almost all Chinese games on your phone. Even if there are still some players who will continue to remain loyal to their games, they would still think how their involvement might improve Chinese companies and might change their minds.

The word-to-word about the app and the #BoycottMadeInChina is going strong. Users in many social media platforms have shared videos of them deleting China developed games from their phones. While Indians have the habit of installing games back again, the rapid growth of these companies will slow.


This will hit another part of their marketing chart, the Esports division. Most players from India represent the different competitions that are held from time to time. China is the biggest market in this category as well, even if competitions are held in different locations.

If Indian competitors are reluctant to travel, then there might be another issue of lacking universality. Some other countries might even follow India. This not only subdues the company, but will be forced to close down certain events. Under circumstances, this might end in a financial crisis for certain companies, if not for Tencent.

The current scenario

Until now, there hasn’t been a significant drop in player involvement in these games. The reasons are plenty, one being quarantine. People have no other options than to play their regular game. There can be a phase when players might not continue the game. While most of the players are teenagers, adults in the family might also force them to remove Chinese applications. Well, you know these teenagers and the use of the Internet.

Chinese companies are knowing exactly what is happening, but they cannot directly involve as it is the state of political dispute. Further advancements in the games might attract players back into the game. However Indian companies will have to consider alternative developments if they really have to end usage of Chinese apps.

In India, there are more enthusiastic gamers who demand more. Chinese games give you exactly that, more performance, and enjoyment. So, it is definitely obvious that people will be reluctant to stop playing these games on their phones, let alone uninstall it. Logically speaking, this is never a quick process. Elimination of stuff that you involve in daily isn’t a one-day task. It all depends on how this trend will increase the pace in the coming days.

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