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PUBG Mobile lifetime revenue reaches $3 Billion

PUBG Mobile from Chinese publishers Tencent Games has hit a lifetime revenue of $3 Billion as per the Sensor Tower reports. The Battle Royale game earned $1.5 Billion until December 2019, and they doubled that amount in just over 7 months.

Sources of PUBG Mobile’s lifetime revenue

The total revenue comes from Game of Peace(China’s localised version) and PUBG Mobile (for the rest of the world) combined. The revenue accumulated this year from both these games stand at $1.3 Billion. It seems like the COVID-19 pandemic really helped boost PUBG Mobile it’s revenue, as the figures reached a record $270M in March.

PUBG Mobile lifetime revenue
Sensor Tower’s report on PUBGM player spending report

The majority of the earnings come from Game of Peace, the Chinese version. It has accumulated around  $1.6 billion in player spendings on China’s App Store alone which contributes to 52% of the total.

Among the rest of the world, the US ranks at no. 2 with 14% contribution to the revenue while Japan stands at no. 3 contributing 5.6%.

Majority of the lifetime revenue of PUBG Mobile came from Apple App Store (79%), while the rest 21% came from Google Play Store.

How many downloads did PUBG Mobile need to reach $3 Billion?

PUBG Mobile and Game of Peace together have a total of 734 million downloads. India ranks in No.1 for downloads with 175 million total installations till date which is 24% of the total. China ranks just behind India with 16.7% of the total downloads while the US ranks in number 3 with 6.4% downloads.

Google Play Store accounts for 65% of all installs, while the Apple App Store represents the other 35%.

COVID-19 break crucial to the revenue rise?

We can say that while the world suffered from a pandemic that was originated in China, PUBG Mobile, which is also originated in China, saw a spark in its revenues. The monthly revenue reached a highest $270 Million in March, while April and May revenues were counted to be $238 Million and $ 215 Million respectively. As people were forced to stay home during the lockdown, the number of installations of mobile games increased and PUBG Mobile was top of the pile.

That’s all we got for today regarding the lifetime revenue of $3 Billion of PUBG MobileWhat is your opinion on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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