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PUBG Mobile introduces two new playable characters, Sophia and Riley in its latest update

Sophia and Riley joins the party!

Playable characters in PUBG Mobile are some of the most interesting and entertaining features of the game. These characters provide some extra advantages to the players. Skills like better handling of weapons, and faster-reloading speed are very useful in combat. Although, these character skills are only available in EvoGround modes, except for Team Deathmatches. Recently, PUBG Mobile announced two new characters, namely Sophia and Riley will be arriving soon in the game. In this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming playable characters in PUBG Mobile.

Characters in PUBG Mobile

Characters are one of the most interesting things in PUBG Mobile. Currently, there is a total of six characters available. Those characters are Victor, Sara, Andy, Carlo, Anna, and Emilia. Each of these characters possesses different and unique skills which can be utilized in the game.

PUBG Mobile Characters update
Image via Krafton

For example, the first character to arrive in PUBG Mobile, Victor has a skill that allows him to reduce the reloading speed of sub-machine guns.

Introducing Sophia and Riley

Recently, PUBG Mobile published two teaser posters on their social media handles, stating that two new characters are coming soon. The name of these new characters is Sophia and Riley. By the looks of the posters, we can guess that Sophia will be a tech-based and futuristic character.

On the other hand, Riley will be a character based in the jungle and forest. Although, these are only assumptions since there is no official information about the characters. In the 2.2 official version update of the PUBG Mobile, we saw many new features.

New additions like working petrol pumps, vehicle trunks, and a brand new map called Nusa really seeking the attention of players. PUBG Mobile is arranging many tournaments and social events on the Nusa map with content creators from all over the world. Nusa is currently the smallest map in the game. With these new features, we can surely guess that the game will get back to its actual form.

Are you excited as Krafton is set to introduce two new playable characters in PUBG Mobile ie Sophia and Riley? Let us know in the comments below!

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