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PUBG Mobile or BGMI: Top 5 loot locations in Nusa

Find suitable places to land in Nusa!

PUBG Mobile is known for its interactive battle-royale maps and intense gameplays on those maps. Currently PUBG Mobile has six battle-royale maps – Erangel, MiramarVikendiLivik, Sanhok, and Karakin. Added to this, PUBG Mobile added a whole new map with their latest 2.2 version update, called Nusa. Nusa is the smallest map available in the game. Each match in Nusa will last for 10 minutes. Only 32 players will be able to compete in one match in Nusa. Here we are going to discuss the top 5 loot locations on the Nusa map in PUBG Mobile or BGMI, where players can a decent amount of loot to fight and survive.

Nusa is a new 1×1 km tourist island map set in the tropics. With abundant supplies, players can start fighting right after you land and get that chicken dinner with ease! Nusa is teeming with beautiful sights and interesting gameplay for you to experience.

Top 5 loot locations in Nusa

PUBG Mobile Nusa loot locations
Image via KRAFTON

1. Science Center

The Science Center is a sizable area with significant treasure that is located in the middle of the map. This structure is bigger than the main structure from the Flora Menace mode. This location has a large amount of loot. Players can find useful things like level 3 helmets and vests in the building’s hidden sections. There will likely be a lot of opponents here.

2. Flame Village

The center field area of the Nusa map is Flame Village. This location, which is in the exact middle of the map, is home to numerous large buildings. Due to its location in the exact middle of the map, this location has a high loot density. Additionally, this location has a token store. Due to its location on the map, there will be the most adversaries there.

3. Shipyard

Nusa’s Shipyard port is also referred to as the miniature Georgopol. It is located on the map’s upper side. Containers and warehouses abound there. Like other locations on the current maps, this one has relatively high loot odds. Due to this location’s remoteness, players should expect fewer adversaries.

4. Telepak Town

The largest city in Nusa is Telepak Town. There are many different types of buildings there, including twin homes, multi-story homes, etc. This does not imply that bigger is better in terms of loot. Despite the fact that there are many structures in this area, the loot density is still fairly good. A sizable number of foes and camped-out players are to be expected here.

5. Regal Resort

Since it is a tourist destination – as players might infer from the name, the amenities will likewise be excellent. On the right side of Nusa is where you’ll find Regal Resort. It is situated in a seaside area. The treasure odds at Regal Resort are equally as breathtaking as the vista. From here, players can obtain a huge quantity of utilities, wearables, and ammo. Due to the high likelihood of enemy landings here, exercise caution.

What do you think about this guide on the loot locations in Nusa in PUBG Mobile? Do you know any other places where you’ve got beneficial loots? If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, drop them in the comments below!

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