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PUBG Mobile is releasing its first-ever short film titled The Growth

The first of its kind for PUBG Mobile!

Much to the delight and excitement of its wide player base, PUBG Mobile has announced a new short film titled The Growth. Moreover, they have also launched the trailer of this short film! This is a first of its kind for the popular battle royale game. The trailer, as we can see is filled to the brim with action, and is scheduled to come out on March 9th, 2021, which is just a day away! The action-packed trailer had a bunch of classic PUBG fight mechanics with snipers, grenades, assault rifles, and vehicles. Moreover, there is even the iconic frying pan, and a bunch of characters engaged in an explosive and awesome-looking battle royale match.

Not long after PUBG New State was announced, comes the PUBG Mobile short film

PUBG Mobile short film
PUBG Mobile New state was announced a few days ago

The PUBG Mobile short film, the Growth will be released not too long after PUBG New State was announced. It’s quite interesting to see that PUBG Mobile is exploring creative avenues of engaging their large fan base. The exciting trailer for the upcoming short film is a great example of that. Based on PUBG’s success so far, especially on mobile, expectations would definitely be high and the trailer does look pretty cool so we might be in for a treat. The short flick might also reveal some new and significant information related to the mobile version of the game.

When will the PUBG Mobile short film release?

For the fans of the game who are already super excited about it, The Growth is scheduled to come out on March 9th, 2021 on PUBG Mobile’s game wiki. That being said, players are pretty thrilled about the short film’s release. We hope that it’s a good experience which also gives us something even more exciting to look forward to.

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