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PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill Event: How to get permanent legendary items for free

Night Warrior Set and Bright Yellow AKM up for grabs!

PUBG Mobile has a brand-new Tactical Drill Event which has been released on the 9th of June, 2021. Players now have a good opportunity to receive a permanent legendary outfit and gun skin absolutely for free. Getting a legendary skin for free has never been easier in PUBG Mobile. The event would last till the date of 8th of July, 2021. The different cosmetics to choose from are Night Warrior Set, Night Warrior Headgear, and Bright Yellow AKM.

Event overview

Players have a long time of 30 days to complete the daily and weekly missions. Completing the daily missions every day will get more Tactical Points faster. Additionally, do not forget to sign in even for a day even as it will incur a loss of 3 Tactical Points each time players do miss the login. Decide on what item which you would want to redeem. Players must avoid changing the decision as one would need to start afresh. So, hurry up, complete the missions and enjoy the free rewards from the game.

Event rules

Upon selecting one of them in the beginning, players will be able to use the item until the end of the event. However, the set or the skin will be revoked if the ‘Tactical Points‘ does reach zero. 3 points will be deducted for not logging in on a particular day.

Each item will start with 9 tactical points. For different items, different tactical points will be needed to redeem the item. For example, Bright Yellow AKM would require a total of 75 tactical points while the Night Warrior Set would require 90 tactical points.

PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill Event
Rules of the Tactical Drill Event in PUBG Mobile

4 daily events shall refresh at 00:00 UTC daily while 1 weekly event will reset every week. After the Tactical Points requirements are met, the permanent item can be achieved. Players will be able to change the item of selection only after 72 hours of initial selection. The tactical points shall reset to 0 when the item has been changed.

How to redeem the free items in the PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill event

Players will have to complete various daily as well as weekly tasks to earn Tactical Points. One will receive the Bright Yellow AKM permanently if he can collect the 75 Tactical Points for the above item only. 9 Initial points will be given beforehand.

PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill Event
Tactical Drill Event: How to redeem these rewards

For the above legendary item, 90 ‘Tactical Points’ will be required. Players will also be able to discard the items after 72 hours, but the Tactical Points will be reduced to zero.

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