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PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary: Looking back at the successful 3 years

The Chicken Dinner has a come a long way...

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other games, inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, and expanded into a standalone game under Greene’s creative direction. In the game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe area of the game’s map decreases in size over time, directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last player or team standing wins the round. The game has developed a lot over the past year and is quite different now. Even though it hasn’t been too long people can always reminisce. In this article, on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of PUBG Mobile, we are going to discuss the big events and things that happened year by year from the release to date.

2018 – The origins

The Launch

PUBG Mobile was first launched almost a year after the launch of the PUBG desktop version. To be exact, the game was released in February 2018 by Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Mobile, pubgm tips and tricks
The birth of PUBG Mobile

Tencent Gaming Buddy

After the successful launch of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games launched Tencent Gaming Buddy in May 2018. With the help of this software, players were able to play the mobile version on their computers. This gaming buddy was also called PUBG Mobile Emulator. The inclusion of the emulator really helped the players who had low- end computers and who were unable to play PUBG PC.

Inclusion of new maps

At first, the game had only one map- Erangel. In the same month, PUBG Corporation announced a new desert map named Miramar. This map is still the biggest map in the game. Later that year, in September, a new 4×4 jungle map named Sanhok was added.

PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary: All the maps

This map became one of the smallest maps in the game with large grass-fields, dense forest, and many more which made this map lot more challenging. At end of that year, in December, again a snowy map with big mountains and new features added to the game. This map was named Vikendi. The inclusion of these new maps made the game exciting and engaging.

Royal Pass

In the month of June, a brand new and exciting feature named Royal Pass added to the game. It allows the players to complete daily and weekly missions and after completing those missions, they get in-game rewards. This feature has two versions- Free and Paid.

PUBG Mobile x Mission Impossible

PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Mission Impossible was their first-ever collaboration with a big title. Though it was a small partnership which brought in-game items like t-shirt, caps, etc.

2019 – The year of growth and prosperity

PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2

In late 2018, PUBG Mobile announced that they are going to collaborate with the legendary film series Resident Evil and will promote their latest movie Resident Evil 2 in the game at the PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE 2018 Global Finals. In February 2019 Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp.) announced the launch of a new gameplay mode called “Zombie: Survive till Dawn“, a crossover collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and Resident Evil 2.

The gameplay featured three days and two nights in one 30-minute round that features 60 players within the usual PUBG Mobile game structure. Players will encounter multiple types of zombies from the Resident Evil series such as Police, Licker, and G1 as well as other zombies created by the PUBG Mobile team.

PUBG Mobile First anniversary

In March, PUBG Mobile celebrated its first anniversary. Players received many free in-game items such as gun skin, vehicle finishes, etc.

PUBG Mobile 1st anniversary

They also got many offers in the store. The lobby got a new revamped look. All maps were decorated with lights, billboards, and other stuff.

PUBG Mobile x Alan Walker

To celebrate the first anniversary of the game, Tencent and PUBG Corporation announced a collaboration with famous Norwegian DJ Alan Walker. His new song On my way was the theme song of the anniversary. Players could listen to the song in the starting lobby. The song was also being played in the vehicle of the game at that time. It was indeed one of the biggest collaborations in the history of the game.

PUBG Mobile x Godzilla: King of the monsters

in the month of May, PUBG Corporation announced the collaboration with the famous movie title Godzilla: King of the monsters. This collaboration brought many outfits, gun-skins, upgradable vehicle finishes, etc. Two of the most famous outfits in the game were introduced at this time. Those outfits were Godzilla Carapace and King Ghidorah Carapace.

PUBG Mobile lite version

In August, PUBG Mobile introduced a lighter, toned version of the game for the players with low-end phones titled PUBG Mobile Lite. This version of the game required only 1GB of RAM. The inclusion of this version really helped players who were unable to play the heavy version because of its size and other requirements.

PUBG Mobile infection mode

In the same month, PUBG Corporation announced a new zombie mode named the Infection Mode. This new mode allowed players to play as zombies with abilities. This was a player versus player mode where players were randomly divided into Defenders and Zombies. Defenders are regular human players who were able to use weapons to shoot down the zombies and zombies had special abilities such as high jumps and poisonous melee attacks.

Halloween mode

On the eve of Halloween, PUBG Corporation introduced a new Halloween mode. It included many Halloween decorations like jack o’ lantern, spooky trees, and many more. It also included many gun skins and a fully upgraded AKM hellfire finish.

Payload mode

In October, Payload mode was added to the game. Players were able to use exclusive items like helicopters, rocket launchers, new guns, etc. It was a major addition in the game which got massive success.

2020 – The curious case of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile 2nd anniversary

PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary
PUBG Mobile 2nd anniversary

In March, PUBG Mobile celebrated its 2nd anniversary. It brought many cool features like an amusement park, anniversary mode, new gameplay mode, etc.

PUBG Mobile x Metro Exodus

In August, PUBG Mobile announced their collaboration with Metro Exodus. This collaboration brought a whole new game mode which promoted the game massively. Metro Exodus is a first person shooter (FPS) game developed by 4A games, available on PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. The horror-themed FPS is set in the winter of 2035, just one year after the events of Metro: Last Light. In a post-apocalyptic world, after the Nuclear War and with some old characters returning from Last Light, the gameplay has been received highly-positive rating from gamers across all platforms.

PUBG Mobile x BlackPink

In September, PUBG Corporation collaborated with the famous K-Pop band BlackPink. This collaboration brought many in-game items such as gun-skin, plane finishes, etc. Also, BlackPink’s new song Play with Fire was used as the official lobby theme.

PUBG Mobile ban in India

On 2nd September, PUBG Mobile fans were left awestruck as PUBG Mobile, was banned along with 118 more Chinese apps blocked by the government amid fresh tension over China’s provocation in Ladakh.

PUBG Mobile Banned in India
PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary: PUBG Mobile Ban

The Ministry of Electronics & IT of India announced via their official Twitter page that the government of India has banned a total of 118 applications. The analysis says that India had 24% users of the game in the entire world, counting around 50 million players and that’s an accountable proportion.

2021 – A new hope

PUBG New State announcement

on 25th February, PUBG corporation and Krafton has announced the sequel of PUBG Mobile, titled PUBG New State. This game is based on the future. The core battle royale experience will remain the same except for some new features that will arrive with PUBG New State. Set in the year 2051, this new PUBG Mobile game will provide the following to the gamers, Ultra-realistic dynamic and futuristic gunplay, better graphics, and new larger maps.

PUBG had immense growth over the last 3 years, be it the player base, the overall revenue or the esports scene. Even the ban wave in various countries could not affect much to their overall potential. With the announcement of PUBG New State, the Krafton is surely trying to bring in a fresh perspective in the game. So lets just wait and see what the future holds for PUBG Mobile!

Looking back at the 3 years of PUBG Mobile, what is your best memory on the eve of the 3rd anniversary? Let us know in the comment section below!

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