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PUBG Mobile: MortaL announced Team SouL’s absence from PMIS 2020

Team SouL, one of India’s best and most successful PUBG Mobile squads and reigning PUBG Mobile India Series champions has withdrawn their name from the entire PMIS 2020. SouL was one of the 16 invited teams. This team was the champions of PMIS 2019.

Soul PMIS 2019 Winners
Team SouL – PMIS 2019 champion

What could be the reason for Team SouL’s absence from PMIS 2020?

PMIS is India’s one of the biggest events, with a massive prize pool of 30 lakhs. Withdrawing name from this big event is a strange thing for such a team like SouL. Team SouL’s current form was not up to the mark. They failed to qualify for the PUBG Mobile World League. Team SouL came #13th in the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia finals. They were also struggling in the friendly scrims. There is an evident chemistry issue among the players. This may be the reason for the announced absence.

Soul PMIS 2020
Team SouL – current roster

SouL MortaL’s announcement

The SouL team leader Naman Mathur a.k.a SouL MortaL posted about this absence on his social media.

Team SouL will not be playing PMIS 2020. We need time to do work on our mistakes. Tournament after tournament in the last 6 months has been building nothing much but mental pressure. Will be back in action right after PMIS ends

SOul mortal on instagram

He also said that in this period, they will work on their in-game basics and the mistakes they have made in recent tournaments. Also, they will keep playing unofficial practice custom scrims for grinding and improvements.

Soul PMIS 2020
Mortal’s post on Instagram

This news will surely break the hearts of many die-hard Team SouL fans, who were eager to see their favourite team in action at PMIS 2020. MortaL had recently said in his stream that there will be some change in the team for the betterment, like the addition of one or two players in the roster and an addition of a coach for the team. We believe, they will use this time period to fix these things and come back in a bigger and better form.

What are your thoughts about SouL’s withdrawal from PMIS 2020? Let us know in the comment section below! For more PUBG Mobile articles, click here.

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