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PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 Update: Zombie’s Edge, Classic Mode enhancements, and more

Huge announcements!

The long-awaited PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 update has officially arrived, bringing with it the eagerly anticipated Cycle 5 of Season 14. This latest season has more Season missions, rewards, and more along with the latest Metro Royale Chapter 16 will bring a new Dagger melee weapon and collectibles. This is not it, the PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 will be arriving with some interesting new themed modes, classic mode enhancements, editor updates, and more, so let’s find out what is in store for the players.

PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 Update Overview

New Themed Mode: Zombie’s Edge

A thrilling new mode known as Zombies Edge is making its way to PUBG Mobile, and it will be applicable to the existing maps within the game, including Erangel, Livik, and Miramar. In this mode, players will be pitted against not only zombies but also formidable, larger creatures roaming the battlegrounds. Among these formidable foes, two stand out as particularly powerful and dangerous: the Berserkers and the Rippers, posing a significant threat that players must be vigilant about.

PUBG Mobile Zombie's Edge
Image via Krafton

Defeating the zombies will reward players with valuable new weaponry, enhancing their odds of survival. To take on the undead hordes, players can wield mutation gauntlets, which enable them to obliterate zombies with powerful attacks. The Slam attack is a devastating option that inflicts significant damage, while the Great Smash is even more potent, delivering charged-up damage as players leap into the air before striking down.

The Mutation Blade stands as a formidable weapon that greatly enhances agility. Once equipped, players gain access to a potent arm blade, facilitating wide-range attacks and delivering substantial damage to the zombie menace. You can also move faster thanks to this blade, overall offering a great option of being versatile.

PUBG Mobile Zombies
Image via Krafton

The Aerolith Lab serves as the epicenter of catastrophic events, and conquering the colossal monsters within its confines will yield abundant supplies for players. When you enter this place, you get a special card that lets you come back to life if you get knocked out. Deep inside the Aerolith Lab and Outpost on these maps, your goal is to stop strange mutated creatures from getting absorbed by the Aerolith.

Additionally, spawned in this location, an advanced item known as the Maglev Hoverboard can be found. This remarkable gadget is capable of traversing both land and water, offering players a versatile means of transportation.

Classic Mode Improvements

In the latest classic mode updates, a brand-new melee weapon has been introduced, known as the Dagger. This weapon comes with a set of fresh animations for gripping, movement, and attacking, enhancing its visual and functional appeal. The Dagger proves to be a versatile tool, not only serving players well in classic mode but also in the challenging Zombie’s Edge mode.

A new addition to the armory in PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 is the Tactical Gunpower Tool. This innovative tactical attachment is set to make its debut with the Crossbow. This when equipped, triggers a delayed explosion within the weapon’s blast radius after impact.

PUBG Mobile Dagger
Image via Krafton

The AUG will now spawn as a standard firearm in the game, making it more readily available for players to find and use during matches. Additionally, the FAMAS will replace the AUG as the airdrop firearm, adding a new dynamic to the airdrop loot pool. To maintain game balance and ensure fair gameplay, the stats of these firearms have been adjusted accordingly.

Furthermore, the MK12 will become available on all maps, expanding the weapon’s availability and giving players more options for their loadouts. Meanwhile, the ACE32, which may not have been as popular among players, has received enhancements to improve its performance, potentially making it a more appealing choice in battles.

Editor Updates

A lot of updates are done to the editor, keeping in mind the player and creator experience. These enhancements include the addition of the character switch device, gameplay devices, interactive objects, decorative and building objects, as well as map templates. Moreover, these improvements extend to the refinement of gameplay devices, game parameter settings, and editor features.

PvE Gameplay Template

In the upcoming PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 update, players can look forward to the introduction of a brand-new PvE template and a variety of enemy types. The development team is extending a warm invitation to both players and content creators to explore and experience this. We shall get to know more once the update launches.

Well, that’s all for the PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 Update!

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This season 2.8 is one of the worst seasons. As it’s restricted floating windows game play.

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