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PUBG New State: How to claim a free emote, chicken medals, and crate coupons in New State

PUBG New State recently pushed a update for Android and iOS to fix many bugs

PUBG New State is a futuristic battle royale from Krafton which was released globally on November 11. The launch day for New State was a big disaster as there were many issues and bugs. The was poorly optimized and also was reportedly bricking some devices as well. But the New State developers swiftly started addressing the issues and fixing them with small updates. But the issues for iOS devices haven’t been addressed until now. With this new update, players are rewarded free emote, crate coupons, and chicken medals in PUBG New State. 

How to get the free emote in PUBG New State

NewStateStyle emote

All the players will be receiving the NewStateStyle emote. Previously this, emote was only through the ‘Invite Friends’ event. But upon receiving the players’ feedback, New State developers have decided to give away the emote because of how difficult it was to meet the conditions to receive the emote. Players have to be very quick on collecting these rewards since they are only available for a limited time. Players should update the game to the latest version. The update is now live on both Android and iOS. 

Step by step guide on how to get the rewards

  • In the main lobby, select the mail icon located in the top right. The mail icon is located next to the event icons and right above the crate banner.
PUBG New State free emote
The mail icon
  • After clicking the mail icon players will be greeted with three new mails. Players can simply click on the Quick Receive button to get all the rewards or can go through each mail individually and collect them all.
PUBG New State free emote
Receive all rewards

Players will be receiving –

  • 1 NewStateStyle Emote
  • 15 Chicken medals
  • 3 Royale crate coupons

After receiving the rewards, players can head to the Inventory and equip the emote. Players are also getting chicken medals. These medals can be used to open different crates. It will cost three chicken medals to open one crate. Players simply need to head to the crates by clicking the banner or crate icon and then select their desired crate to open. Players can open up to 5  crates from these rewards. 

Lastly, there are three Royale crate coupons that players can simply open through the crate page. Apart from these rewards these updates fix many issues and bring some quality of life improvements to the game. Here are some of the main balances and QoL changes. 

Balance changes

  • Based on the feedback from Survivors, a variety of gameplay issues have been fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where the airdrop sounds louder than others.
  • Updated sound balance issue based on the Survivor feedback that noted footstep sounds were too low.

QOL updates

  • Added a Field of View (FOV) option. Select the FOV option by going to [Settings] → [Graphics] → [FOV]
PUBG New State free emote

FPP mode

  • Updated the bare-hands motion quality for FPP mode users
  • Fixed an issue where the animation was out on sync when using an item from FPP mode

Apart from this, there have also been several bug fixes.

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