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PUBG New State leaks revealed global release date, NC prices, battle pass, and more


PUBG: New State is a brand new battle royale game by Krafton for mobile which takes place in the same universe as PUBG. It is a futuristic take on the classic PUBG which takes place in the year 2051. The game has conducted two Alpha testing successfully. Recently some leaks are surfaced online showcasing PUBG New State NC prices, battle pass details, and more.

PUBG New State global release date

The game was scheduled to release on October 8 as per the initial Apple App Store listing. For now, the game is already in pre-registration for many regions. However, recent press release trailer leaks confirm that the game will release globally on November 11, 2021.

In-game Monetization

PUBG New state NC prices, PUBG New state leaks
Image via App Store

PUBG: New State is free to play. When it comes to monetization it is clear that Krafton will be taking the PUBG Mobile approach by selling Royale Pass. PUBG: New State will be using NC as its in-game currency. The prices of the NC got revealed on the Apple App Store listing. Their prices are as follows

  • 60 NC – INR 89
  • 180 NC – INR 269
  • 600 NC – INR 899
  • 1500 NC – INR 1799
  • 2950 NC – INR 4499
  • 5900 NC – INR 8900

There are crate coupons just like PUBG Mobile. We don’t know yet whether there will different kinds of crates. There are also mission cards that can be used to finish the missions. There is a brand new coin called Chicken coin which can be obtained by dismantling duplicate items which very similar to silver fragments.

PUBG New state UI and battle pass mission leaks

PUBG: NEW STATE is taking a different approach for battle pass mission than PUBG: Mobile. It has taken several inspirations from the PC counterpart. The mission page also now features a minimal to show where the current mission takes place.

PUBG New State emote leaks, PUBG new State battle pass leaks
PUBG New State leaked weekly missions and emotes

There are some emotes which look familiar to PUBG: Mobile and some are completely new. All these information are just leaks that might change during the final release of the game.

The inventory looks different from the Alpha version. Games generally use placeholder art instead of actual art for testing. The new inventory looks different from PUBG: Mobile. These leaks may change since the game is still under development.

PUBG new state leaks
PUBG New State leaked inventory

Vehicles were already available during alpha testing. They also feature a trunk system where you can store ammo and meds. There is a mixture of both Gasoline and Electric vehicles. There is also a tram system around the map for travel apart from the vehicles.

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