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PUBG New State: Everything that has been revealed at Krafton’s Media Showcase

PUBG New State the futuristic Battle Royale is launching in 200 countries on November 11

PUBG New State, the futuristic battle royale game from the PUBG franchise, is officially going to release on November 11. Initially announced earlier this year, the game went through several Alpha tests and is finally going to be released. On October 22, PUBG New State developer KRAFTON released the official launch trailer along with a media showcase. Here are some of the important information and features coming to the game

Get ready to jump into futuristic battlegrounds

The official launch is on November 11. The open time will be announced later. The game will launch simultaneously in 200 countries including India. The game has successfully conducted two Alpha tests. The Google Play pre-registration first began on February 25. On June 12, the first Alpha test was conducted. The pre-registration for iOS devices began on August 20 in the App Store. Followed by that the second Alpha test began on August 27. After that, there hasn’t been much information regarding the game release until today. The game’s official trailer was launched along with a media showcase discussing various aspects of the game. 

PUBG New State Media Showcase
PUBG New State regional hubs

Krafton has also decided to set up regional hubs for better support of the game. These include various cities around the world from different continents. Apart from that, the game will also support 17 languages on launch and more languages will be added in the future. 

PUBG New State: Features

PUBG New State Media Showcase
Game features

PUBG New State is the sequel to the battle royale phenomenon PUBG PC. So, the game is following in the footsteps of PUBG PC. PUBG New State focuses mainly on these aspects of the game –

  1. Next Gen Realistic graphics on mobile
  2. PC like advanced action and gunplay
  3. Following the footsteps of PC version with tweaks for mobile
  4. Continuing the PUBG universe lore


PUBG New State Media Showcase
PUBG New State Graphics

One of the key aspects that the game is focusing on is realistic graphics on mobile. The game tackles all the hindrances of mobile devices to bring a better frame rate with high-quality graphics. The game is optimized well for mobile CPUs and GPUs. The game also supports multiple GPU APIs as well. 

System Requirements

PUBG New State Media Showcase
System Requirements

With a heavy focus on graphics, the game does not require a heavy device to play. The minimum amount of RAM required to run the game is 2 GB for Android devices. For the iPhones, the game is supported from the iPhone 6s to the latest generation. 

PUBG PC gunplay and animations

PUBG New State will be following PUBG PC’s footsteps. The game will implement PUBG PC mechanics for mobile. The two main aspects of PUBG PC gunplay and animations will be ported to New State.


PUBG New State Media Showcase

New State will adapt PUBG PC gunplay. It will include all the gunplay mechanics like the following –

  • Ballistics
  • ADS and Shoulder Guns
  • Collimating
  • Recoil and Rebound patterns

Already during the Alpha, some of these features were present in the game. The game features improved game control through minimized input lag. They have made several changes to these mechanics so that even light users can hop in and play while the heavy players can master it to perfection. 


PUBG New State Media Showcase
Action and animation

New State will also bring PUBG PC character animations. It will also feature PC vehicle control and the physical effects of windows/props breaking. On top of that, the game has its own new unique roll animation. 

Original battle royale experience

PUBG New State Media Showcase
Battle Royale Experience

The New State will bring the original Battle Royale experience from PUBG PC. The game follows the basic rules of PC battle royale with 

  • Bluezone system 
  • Battle system
  • Vehicle system

Along with this, the game adds its own unique twist. Players can recruit knocked down enemies to their team. These are very new mechanics for this genre and players will have to wait and see how this plays out during battle.

PUBG Universe

PUBG Universe

After the huge success of the PUBG PC, a lore was created around it. That lore will be followed on New State too. The game is set to take place in the year 2051. So the game will discuss the different aspects such as environmental, economical, and political changes that took place during the years. This will appear as a Monthly Pass where players can explore more about the New State. We had reported a detailed piece on the PUBG universe, do check it if you have not.

Brand new maps and game modes

Maps and Gamemodes

New State will feature two game modes

  • Battle Royale
  • Team Deathmatch 

Battle Royale

Troi and Erangel: New State

There are two maps for battle royale –

  • Troi
  • Erangel: New State

Troi is the exclusive futuristic map for New State. This map was featured during the Alpha tests. The map also features the lore which is contained in the Monthly Pass. 

Erangel: New State is the classic PUBG map coming to New State. But this map has been changed for New State. The map is destroyed and rebalanced for New State. Battle Royale can be experienced from the third-person or first-person perspective. It can be played solo or with a squad. 

Team Deathmatch

4v4 Death Match

New State will also feature Team Deathmatch. It brings some traditional FPS features for mobile environments. Deathmatch has only one map as of launch and it is called station. 

Training grounds

New State will also feature a training ground where players can practice their skills. This was also featured during the Alpha tests. 

PUBG New State Partner Program

PUBG New State partner program

New State will feature a partner program. Content creators can be verified partners with New State. They get close collaborations for content creations and an environment for content communications with the fans.

Ranked Mode and Esports

Ranked Mode

New State will also have a ranked mode. There are a total of eight tiers. For each tier, players will be rewarded. The top players of the top tiers will compete in a special tournament. As of now, there isn’t much information on this tournament. But we can expect more after the release. The first two months of the game will begin two preseasons.   

Esports will be there for New State. But they cannot be started immediately after the game’s release. Esports will be launched after further optimizations are done to the game after the release. 


Anti Cheat Technology

One of the biggest highlights of the PUBG New State media showcase was Anti-Cheat. New State will feature an anti-cheat. There are three main features to it. 

  • Anti-Tamper
  • Solution
  • Emulator

Anti Tamper

New State won’t allow any game file modifications. The game files are protected so that they cannot be reverse-engineered. This will prevent any form of hacking. 


The New State will detect any modification and ban users who do such things. They will also block any such modifications to further prevent users from abusing it.

PUBG New State will not allow emulators

To bring a fair game environment, New State won’t allow any emulators. Players won’t be able to use a mouse and keyboard as well.

What are your thoughts about the announcements in the media showcase of PUBG New State? Do let us know in the comments below!

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