Pudgy Penguins is getting a mobile game adaptation in 2025 but there’s a catch

Party time!

Pudgy Penguins, a well-known brand through beloved characters is teaming up with Mythical Games to produce a blockchain-enabled AAA mobile video game, where the details indicate that it will be launched next year in 2025.

The Pudgy Penguins mobile game will be a party title that all fans can enjoy

The Pudgy Penguins consist of 8,888 individually hand-drawn NFT penguins with various characteristics that make each penguin different. Known for their cute designs, they soon saw much popularity and a strong community following on social media. With over 20 Billion views on the GIPHY platform, the brand continues to find success in its merchandise, toys, and digital collectibles.

On the other hand, Mythical Games is a game technology studio that operates at the intersection of blockchain and gaming. They are best known for their highly acclaimed blockchain games, including the officially licensed sports title NFL Rivals – Football Game and Blankos Block Party, although the latter got shut down at the end of 2023.

The official tweet read that the game would be a party game, which will invite casual fans to have a go, and might even compete with other existing titles in the genre such as Stumble Guys, Eggy Party, and others. This mobile game aims to deliver an immersive experience that pulls from the beloved lore and humor of Pudgy Penguins, with AAA quality, playability, and accessibility.

According to the reveal at the Consensus 2024 crypto event, the game will be launched in 2025. Upon launch, it will be playable on the Mythical Platform, which hosts over 5 million players, and the Mythos Chain, which has over 1 million active wallets.

Pudgy Penguins animated
Image via Pudgy Penguins

Luca Netz, CEO of Pudgy Penguins said: “When we decided to create a mobile-first AAA blockchain-based Pudgy Penguins game, working with Mythical Games is something that excited me. We can’t wait to show the Pudgy Penguins community what’s in store and solicit their feedback as development ramps up.”

John Linden, Mythical Games CEO said, “Pudgy Penguins is the only web3 project to truly go mainstream through their incredible retail partnerships with Walmart and Target and their rapidly growing social media following.”

In addition, the game’s development will involve the Pudgy Penguins community, offering exclusive content and sneak peeks of in-game footage. Well, time to jump in and enjoy the fun!

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