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Ballad of Antara is a new fantasy action RPG announced by Infold Games; coming to Mobile, PC, and PS5

A new world-bending adventure begins in 2025!

Infold Games, the global entertainment brand known for hits like Love and Deepspace and the upcoming Infinity Nikki, has announced a new addition to its lineup: Ballad of Antara, developed by TipsWorks Studio.

Ballad of Antara is a free-to-play fantasy action RPG set to release in 2025 on PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile platforms. The game was unveiled with a reveal trailer at the prestigious PlayStation State of Play event.

Players will get to embark on an epic journey through diverse landscapes in the Ballad of Antara

Set in a fantastical land ravaged by the invasion of an ancient force, Ballad of Antara follows the journey of Dromos, a mysterious girl on a mission to reunite a world where the “essences” of the land have been twisted and lost. Players will encounter and ally with Emissaries, powerful entities who harness the force of essences.

Ballad of Antara announced
Image via Infold Games

These playable characters each bring unique classes, gameplay capabilities, and captivating backstories, offering diverse skill sets in both fluid action combat and world exploration. Players can dynamically switch among a squad of three, enhancing strategic depth in battles and exploration.

Embark on an epic journey through diverse landscapes, exploring meticulously crafted environments filled with intricate-level design and countless discoveries. Venture into the Para, an otherworldly dimension fraught with danger, to seek the truth hidden in the shadows and recover the lost essences of the world.

Ballad of Antara is being developed by TipsWorks Studio, the team behind Pascal’s Wager, a hardcore action RPG first released on mobile platforms in 2020 and later on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Pascal’s Wager received high acclaim from both press and players, achieving commercial success with over 2 million copies sold to date.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic world of Ballad of Antara, where every corner holds a new challenge and every ally has a story to tell. Meanwhile, be sure to catch on some other news down below:

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