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Punk Royale 2052: The Cyberpunk-inspired game to release globally soon

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A new futuristic battle royale is heading to the mobile gaming market soon. Punk Royale 2052 is being developed by CakeByte Studios, a mobile game development startup in the United Arab Emirates, and soon the game will be out globally. Punk Royale 2052 will be available on both Android and iOS devices after its release. The developers didn’t disclose any exact date of the games’ release. 

Gameplay Overview

Punk Royale 2052 features rich and unique gameplay that is the combination of both battle royale and the use of Cyberware enhancements. Like other battle royales, a map named ‘Ocean City‘ is featured in the game where 100 players will skydive out of a private jet and land on the futuristic island.

By exploring the island, players will get awesome cybernetic weapons, grenades, medkits, and augmentations that enhance the ability to eliminate the opposition using hi-tech weapons. With unique tactics powered by cyberware, the fight is to be “the last man standing”.

Game features took inspiration from popular PC titles

The developers said that the inspiration behind the gameplay mechanics is taken from hit PC titles such as CSGO, Fortnite, Valorant, etc. The character appearances within the game will be realistic with occasionally flashy clothes, but not anime. The items purchased will be cosmetic only.

Punk Royale 2052 release
Punk Royale 2052 leg augmentation feature

The developers are also planning to add a TDM game mode if the majority of the player base requests for it. “Punk Royale 2052 is mainly a third-person shooter, an FPP mode is not set to be added indefinitely”, said CakeByte. The battle pass will be known as Vice Pass.

The augmentation feature will run by batteries. Players can run at super speed with leg augmentations. Using Ballistic Protection augmentation will save players from bullet damages. A battery saver mode is also available.

The game has many features to enjoy and things to do. The impact should be great as it has so many things going on inside. However, we will get to watch and make a final judgment on its performance and gameplay only after its release. For additional information, you can refer to the Punk Royale website for more details.

Are you excited about the release of Punk Royale 2052? Let us know in the comment section below!

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