Rainbow Six Mobile confirms Lean feature just like its PC counterpart

Leaning might work similar to the console versions!

It has been some time now since Rainbow six was announced for mobile. In a tweet posted by the official Rainbow Six Mobile account regarding the game’s closed alpha, the developers confirmed that players would be able to use the lean feature in-game just like in the PC version.

Different ways of Leaning in Rainbow Six Mobile

In the video titled How to Lean, different ways of leaning were mentioned in the video. The first is a lean slider that allows players to slide a crosshair between two stationary points. The second method involves tapping the edge of your screen. Finally, you also can tap two buttons to lean right or left. The choice is yours on what you feel suits you best.

The ability to lean in and out of cover is undoubtedly one of the most important features of the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege. Interestingly enough, the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege allows players to lean whenever they want, while the console version restricts leaning only when players are aiming down their sights.

The video posted by the official Rainbow Six Mobile Youtube account also only showed players leaning left and right only when aiming down their sights, so one can assume that leaning on mobile works similarly to its console counterpart.

Rainbow Six Siege made waves when it was first released for PC and console in 2015. The mobile version announced by Ubisoft came as a welcome surprise to the community, and no doubt many mobile gamers would be licking their lips as they wait to showcase their moves in the tactical first-person shooter. With other multiplayer games such as Valorant and Apex Legends also set to release on mobile, this is certainly one of the most exciting times to be a mobile gamer.

Are you excited about the Lean feature in Rainbow Six Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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