Respawnable Heroes: 4v4 Action Shooter is now available for iOS devices

Digital Legends Entertainment, a premier mobile game developer acclaimed for their track record of high-quality games has released Respawnable Heroes globally for iOS devices.

About Respawnable Heroes

Respawnables Heroes is a tactical team-based action game with high-quality graphics to provide thrilling PVP multiplayer 4v4 match experience. Players can pick up different play-styles from a set of heroes and classes. The game is focused on team-cooperation, synergies between Heroes, enabling them to interact in varied and interesting ways with each other. Respawnable Heroes is set on a world where we have reached the feared RCP8.5, climate change worst scenario. Devastating wildfires, floods, and extreme weather events have put our planet at the brink of collapse, leaving the population in a situation of despair. Not giving in to hopelessness, a group of young international scientists joined forces to try to find a solution to what it looked like the end of civilization. Their round-the-clock efforts offered a gleam of hope when they found a way to stop the inevitable chain reaction that would wipe all life on earth.

Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO of Digital Legends says,

“We realized the huge potential that games have to change how we see the world. So we challenged ourselves to take advantage of the rippling effect videogames have on mainstream culture and built a game that will be the change we all want to see in the world: a bright, sustainable, diverse and inclusive future.”

Another important feature of Respawnables Heroes is the depth of the gameplay. It’s not only about mastering individual skills. Team play si the key to its success.

“There was a huge drive from the design team to offer depth to the gameplay and allow players to gain an edge using different tactics” added Beatriz Gonzalez, Game Producer of Respawnables Heroes.

Game mechanism

The first thing is to master each of the heroes skills and use them at the correct times during a match. Using the most adequate equipment also contributes to the overall performance. The second thing is the team composition and countering the opponent composition. And finally, exploiting the maps anatomy is also important to improve the overall performance. Each scenario has been carefully built as an arena, and thus flanking positions, choke points, straight lines for long-ranged characters and high ground are all there to allow tactical placement of the heroes.

respawnable heroes gameplay
Respawnable Heroes gameplay

Respawnables Heroes has been designed for players who want to feel all the adrenaline of the Hero Action game in a mobile device. And also for those, who are eager to discover a game that not only has evolved technologically but also to the rhythm of society’s biggest dreams. You can download the game on iOS by clicking here.

Currently, Respawnable Heroes is only available for iOS devices. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we get to know about the Android release.

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