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Revived Witch celebrates Easter with the new Egg Collection event

New Dolls, New Outfits and more in store for players

Pixel art mobile RPG Revived Witch is releasing a new event, Egg Collection, to celebrate Easter. To honor the holiday, two new UR Dolls, an Egg Hunt check-in event, a new outfit, other rewards, and festival packs will be offered.

Collect Eggs and earn various epic rewards

The Easter Egg Collection will be held from April 15th through April 29th. Clearing stages in Dreamworld will reward players with Easter Eggs. These eggs can be used to get Soul Cryolite, Soul, Average Destroyer Quartz, Average Skill Pact, Soul Dust, and other items. Make the most of the Eggs before the redemption period finishes on April 29th.

Between April 15th and April 29th, a daily check-in event called Egg Hunt will be accessible, with rewards including Soul Dust, Stamina Flask, Advanced Skill Pact, Soul, Average Runestone, Stamina Elixir, and Soul Cryolite.

Two new dolls will be coming in Revived Witch

There are 2 brand new UR Dolls Isabel and Raphan. From April 15th and April 22nd, Isabel is introduced in the Dreamland Summon Pool where another lovely Doll, Raphan, will appear between April 22nd and May 3rd, 2022.

1. Executor of the Ideal Grace Isabel: UR Brimstone Assassin

Revived Witch Egg Collection event
Image via Yostar Games

Her Normal Skill allows her to assault a target in the rear row while also dismissing the benefits that the target has. Her Chaos Skill will devour all of the Chaos Energy on the field and hit the back row target. Each strike gives added damage if one more point of Chaos Energy is expended.

2. Claw of Destiny Raphan: UR Saltstone Destroyer

Revived Witch Egg Collection event
Image via Yostar Games

All foes are vulnerable to Raphan’s Normal Skill, which deals physical damage. Her Chaos Skill provides her the power to enter the Wolf Spirit State, which boosts her attack and allows some of the damage she deals to heal her. Furthermore, the Normal Skill has a chance to give foes a debuff. In Wolf Spirit, Raphan can use the Chaos Skill to do damage to all foes while also applying a shield.

New Arrivals in the shop for Revived Witch players

The Easter event also includes a new outfit for Sher, Renewed Memories. It can be found in the shop. Easter Best Deal, Easter Basic, Advanced, and Deluxe Packs are among the holiday packs available.

Are you excited about the Revived Witch Egg Collection event? Let us know in the comments below!

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