Riot Games sues Mobile Legends again for imitating parts of League of Legends

MOONTON Games accused of making a rip off!

In 2018, League of Legends developer, Riot Games sued MOONTON Games, the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang accusing them of copying parts of League of Legends. However, this was rejected by a California court which required them to continue the lawsuit in a Chinese court. Tencent Holdings, the parent company of Riot Games and based in China, successfully won a lawsuit worth $2.9 million. After a few years, it turns out that it happened again this year.

What does the lawsuit say

On May 9, 2022, Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against MOONTON for imitating parts of League of Legends or commonly referred to as plagiarism to the US Central District Court, California. Riot Games has several complaints against Mobile Legends: Bang Bang such as similarities in the campaign, trailer, and skins in-game, according to them, MOONTON has plagiarized it.

They also complained to Google to remove Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from the Play Store, and after it was deleted, it turned out that MOONTON had secretly launched a minimized version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, as mentioned in the lawsuit.

Riot Games documented all comparisons to Moonton Games’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the lawsuit

From these demands, Riot Games documented all comparisons such as campaigns, character designs, trailers, and even reactions from the community.

According to Riot Games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also copied the character designs. The original Champion from Wild Rift and League of Legends named Ahri is very similar to the character design of the Hero Mobile Legends skin named Guinevere, released in April 2022. While it was released for League of Legends in November 2018, and for Wild Rift in October 2020.

Riot Games Lawsuit Moonton Games
Image via Riot Games’ lawsuit

They also have similarities in terms of color. There is a combination of blue, purple, and pink colors, plus the tail design which has similarities.

Riot Games Lawsuit Moonton Games
Image via Riot Games’ lawsuit

Not only the character design, but the design of the weapon named “Stargazer Cecilion” also has similarities with the design of the stick made by Riot Games called “Stargazer”, then in terms of color it is also similar.

League of Legends Law suit
Image via Riot Games’ lawsuit

Riot even went as far as to document what indicated fans could easily see some similarities between Mobile Legends and Wild Rift and League of Legends. Until now, Riot Games is looking for a jury trial and an order to stop the distribution of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the United States.

What are your thoughts on Riot Games’ lawsuit against Moonton Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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