Rise of Cultures Mali Empire event 2022 brings new quests, rewards, and more

Assist Mansa Musa to traverse in Sahara Desert!

Rise of Cultures, the latest popular city-building game from InnoGames, is inspired by the actual historical development of ancient cultures, and the new Mali Empire Event introduces a new and stunning civilization. Mansa Musa, the Mali Empire’s ninth Mansa, requires Rise of Cultures players to assist him in traversing the Sahara Desert and locating the best bazaars for trading. This year’s Mali Empire Event in Rise of Cultures takes place from August 1 to August 21, 2022.

Complete the objectives and earn the Madrasa Evolution Token

To progress through the desert, players must complete the objectives set by Mansa. Gold Dinars, the special event currency, are awarded for completing these tasks, and players may also receive Evolution Tokens on occasion. The players will travel through the Sahara Desert from oasis to oasis, with each oasis offering unique prizes.

When players reach the 30th oasis they will receive the grand prize, the Madrasa Evolution Token as reward. These tokens are used to build the Madrasa, the most important reward of the Mali Empire Event.

Rise of Cultures Mali Empire Event 2022
The Madarsa (Image via InnoGames)

This prestigious educational institution provides Mystery Chests containing Research Points, random Barracks Item Refills, and Culture Boosts. The Madrasa is a growing structure that can be upgraded to level 40.

The Mali Empire event brings new quests and negotiation cost variations

This month’s desert expedition also brings something new and exciting for Rise of Cultures players. The Mali Empire Event retains the new “luck” mechanic introduced in the recent Mongol Event but also introduces new quest types and negotiation cost variations.

As they progress through the questline, they will also gain the services of Queen Idia of Benin, a mercenary commander. Players can use her in the battle to rain arrows down on opponents! Players have a lot to do with over 120 quests to complete, plus the daily free currency quest, and another iconic leader to please!

Are you excited for the Rise of Cultures Mali Empire event 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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It seems like just another game. You can’t get anything to help you in rise of cultures. Maybe take up time. I have other games. I don’t know why I would bother?

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