Road To Valor: Empires: Krafton releases a documentary on the Indian faction in the game

Produced by Supari Studios, the documentary was conceptualized in-house by KRAFTON’s India team

Krafton India unveiled an exclusive documentary video titled From Vision To Valor: Creating The Indian Faction. The documentary offers a captivating glimpse into the creation of the Indian Faction in Road to Valor: Empires. This marks a pioneering documentary that encapsulates the essence and creative process behind the development of the new faction. It was conceived by the talented team at Krafton India in collaboration with their South Korean counterpart, and it was filmed and produced in partnership with the renowned Supari Studios.

Krafton India’s documentary showcases the creation of the Indian faction in Road To Valor: Empires

The Indian Faction within Road To Valor: Empires was a first-of-its-kind creation where localized gameplay was brought to users on mobile, inspired by India’s rich history and culture. The film closely showcased the team at Krafton India as they embarked on a creative endeavor to produce the Indian Faction.

Road to Valor Empires Indian Faction
Image via KRAFTON

They collectively designed and aligned on the aesthetics, co-developed the narrative with the help of the South Korean team, introduced Indian culture and elements to their global counterparts, and recorded voiceovers. The film captured every detail of the thoughtful curation that went into bringing users an unparalleled mobile gameplay experience.

Supari Studios, an independent and fresh creative content agency, played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of this creative journey. The result was an honest and emotionally resonant documentary that provided an inside look into the nuances of game development.

KRAFTON’s Indian faction documentary celebrates dedication and hard work

Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing at Krafton India, expressed immense excitement about sharing the behind-the-scenes documentary with players and fans. The creation of the Indian Faction was described as a labor of love, with the hope that the documentary would not only highlight the dedication and hard work of the talented team but also strengthen the bond between the game and its players.

The team expressed immense pride in documenting the seamless synergy between Krafton’s India and South Korean teams in bringing the project to life and conveyed gratitude to Supari Studios for their exceptional work in capturing this journey.

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