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Rockstar Games has removed the classic GTA Vice City mobile port off the Google Play Store

The Definitive Edition might finally be on its way for mobile

Quite a while ago (October of last year to be precise), Rockstar Games officially confirmed all the rumors. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Version was coming to Android and iOS and we were all happy, that is until the games dropped on PC and Consoles and it was an absolute nightmare for the players. Rockstar had put out a very unpolished title and they’re still getting a lot of heat for it. Now Rockstar has suddenly pulled GTA Vice City off the Google Play Store as it seems like they are finally preparing for the definitive editions for mobile devices.

The original PC versions of the games were also pulled off shelves before the Definitive Editions’ release

Something similar happened back when the Definitive editions were due to release on the PC and Consoles and the originals were pulled off (but came back later on Steam due to the disappointing remastered versions) so the fact that Rockstar is removing their games once again leaves the door open for those remasters to make their way to mobile.

When they were first confirmed, Rockstar did confirm that the mobile versions of the remasters would come out before the first half of the year was over, (a deadline they missed), release shouldn’t be too far off. 

Remastered GTA Trilogy mobile, Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Edition confirmed
Image by PlayStation Universe

In case you weren’t aware of this Definitive Edition for some of the biggest games from the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas), well then Rockstar announced those last year for a bunch of different platforms.

These versions were being developed by Grove Street Games (who developed the 10th-anniversary mobile ports too) and we’re supposed to offer visual and gameplay enhancements (although while that was why these were hyped up, the actual games weren’t exactly too successful at providing the experience players wanted) and while they were paid on PC and Consoles, it’s not clear what strategy Rockstar has for mobile.

Those who did pay for Vice City on the Google Play Store can still play the game and download it while the App Store version is still up. 

Do you think that Rockstar Games is preparing for the launch of remasted GTA Vice City on Google Play? Let us know in the comments below!

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