Rovio’s Moomin: Puzzle & Design announces end of development, servers to shut down on July 8, 2024

EOS after two years in development!

Another mobile gaming disappointment for fans as Moomin: Puzzle & Design, Rovio’s ambitious cozy puzzle game announced its shut down of development as of April 11, 2024. The makers behind the popular Angry Birds franchise couldn’t progress beyond the early access phase on Android in Finland, which was initially launched towards the end of 2021.

Moomin: Puzzle & Design didn’t quite reach the standard the developers set for themselves

Rovio capitalized on the popularity of Moomin, which features white characters resembling hippos, to create a title based on the beloved figure. In the games, players awaken Moomin valley from its winter slumber by solving puzzles and decorating with blooming flowers and bushes. Players encounter classic Moomin characters in a unique storyline.

Moomin: Puzzle and Design early access
Image via Rovio

They solve tap-to-match puzzles of varying difficulty levels, earning power boosters for clearing matches. Updates introduced day-night scenes, 6 story chapters, 180 levels, a Task journal, and a Seashell hunt mode. With each level cleared, they could unlock new features and progress through the enchanting world of Moomin Valley.

However, as much as the game sounds interesting, the makers announced the end of development. The developers confirmed the discontinuation of Moomin: Puzzle & Design due to falling short of their quality standards, also citing that the game “isn’t where they want it to be”. No news since the soft launch was also an indication of the game’s development not going anywhere.

With the Moomin: Puzzle & Design shut down announcement, the app has disabled all in-app purchases, and this will make Update 3.1.2 the final update to the game. They’ll have servers running until July 8th, 2024, so you can utilize this chance to play the game.

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