Ruben Sim has been banned from Roblox by court orders

Roblox has dropped their lawsuit so Ruben doesn’t have to pay $1.6 million anymore

Roblox has dropped its lawsuit against Ruben Sim, the controversial Roblox YouTuber and they’ve reached an agreement although Ruben did have to pay out a hefty amount of $150,000 to Roblox and he has been banned from playing the game or going within 100 feet of any Roblox office according to the court documents (via ArsTechnica).

Roblox banned Ruben Sim
The deleted tweet by Ruben Sim

Roblox had alleged that Ruben Sim was leading a “cybermob” against the corporation, circumventing bans and cyberbullying Roblox employees. They wanted a sum of $1,650,000 in damages along with court orders against Ruben Sim.

Roblox banned Ruben Sim: Roblox’s allegations were apparently false

In now-deleted tweets, Ruben confirmed that he is no longer allowed to use Roblox. However, many believe that the information he could have brought up in court would severely hurt Roblox and their allegations were apparently false, which is what led them to call off the lawsuit.

In the first part of a three-part exposé video, Ruben brought up instances of Roblox’s lead developers harassing children online and the megacorp not doing anything about it. He also brought up how their claims were unsubstantiated but will go into further detail on that in future videos.

All this being said, although Ruben has managed to get out of this without paying the 1.6 million, he still walks away with $150,000 less. He does get to keep his social media accounts and YouTube channel and he shed light on some of the darker secrets of Roblox so there was a lot to be learned and brought into the light. 

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this is still a win for roblox and honestly it’s disgusting, i know he would have suffered financially if he went to trial, but it’s the concept that these companies can destroy you even when you settle that’s really messed up.

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