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Rumors suggest PUBG Mobile India return is only a matter of time

Fun days are probably coming back!

There might be good news for PUBG Mobile fans in the near future. The recent weeks have seen growing murmurs about the fate of the much-awaited release of PUBG Mobile India among the community. Popular Youtuber GodNixon Gaming’s recent video update has sent ripples throughout the Indian gaming community, with many believing that the re-release of PUBG Mobile is now only a matter of time. However, GodNixon is not the only person this time, there are a few influencers who are saying yes to the PUBG Mobile India return rumors.

Background to the ban

The popular Battle Royale game was banned by the Indian Government along with numerous other apps developed by Chinese companies in a move that sent shockwaves throughout the country. PUBG Mobile had been something of a revolution for the Indian gaming industry. The game attracted audiences from all demographics and age groups. The release of a “PUBG Lite” version saw increased accessibility to Indians with low-end hardware thus contributing even further to its already skyrocketing popularity. The ban imposed in September last year was a huge blow for the community with the Indian government voicing privacy concerns and claiming that the game was leaking user data to the Chinese government. The move came amidst a tense standoff between India and China at the Kashmir border.

PUBG Mobile Influencers are hinting towards the game’s return

After months of speculation among the community, however, there finally may be light at the end of the tunnel for diehard Indian PUBG fans. Recently, GodNixon Gaming, a popular Indian Youtuber and PUBG content creator posted a video claiming that the game had been greenlit by the Indian Government and was all set for a re-release. Popular esports player Abhijeet Andhare, better known by his gamer tag TSM Ghatak also posted a slightly more cryptic message on his social media handles. He said there was “good news for Indian PUBG Mobile fans” and that it would be coming within the “next two months”. However, he requested fans to not ask about a concrete release date as further details are still sketchy at this point.

It is good to hear PUBG Mobile’s India return but nothing is official yet

Nothing is confirmed at this point in time and nobody yet knows how different this new version of PUBG Mobile would be. That being said, it is expected to have no links to Chinese giant Tencent, given that was the cause for the ban in the first place. Whether these return rumors manifest into something concrete is another story but for now, there seems to be hope for the PUBG Mobile community in India.

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