Rush Wars Halloween Update 2019: All you need to know

It’s the time of the pumpkin again, and with the ghosts and skeletons, there also comes a spooky new Rush Wars Halloween update 2019. This update doesn’t only provide tweaks and balancing changes, but also some major changes and additions!

Time to get spooked

In this Halloween season, skeleton Plumbers will be stalking and trying to pick a bone with you, so be on the lookout! The Arcade Airdrop has changed its appearance and looks like a coffin now. And last but not least, the most important thing, you can now find pumpkins around your main base!

What’s there Rush Wars Halloween update 2019

Change in the Homebase layout

The Home Base Layout has changed. You’ll notice the positioning of your buttons on your main base has changed. They also added the social button for quick access to see where your friends are at on the leaderboard.

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Durable Commanders

Your commanders seem to have risen from the dead, they now have three heart icons that can be used before they need to take a rest again. One heart takes one hour to be replenished. You also now get to choose if you want to use your commander, once you found an opponent. It’s your choice! And in Dominations you can use any of your commanders just once in a battle, so think who you wanna choose!

Free gems for joining a clan

Don’t forget to join a team now, you’ll be given 25 gems for it. And for people who have already done it, can claim those gems as well.

Nudge, Nudge, Nudge!

Don’t you wish you could someone tell one of your friends to finally set their base layout up? Now you can! Nudge them so they can get prepared for it. Just go into the team list, click their name and nudge them.

Draft stack got a slight update, too. For every new attack draft, players can access a stack of every card that they can use in battle.

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More countries in the beta list

Rush Wars is now available in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Rush and become mega-rich!

Other than these big updates, several improvements and balance changes are now live in the game. For the detailed changelog, please visit here.

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