Settlement Survival: XD Inc released free mobile demo for its upcoming low poly city-builder game

In Settlement Survival, a low-poly city-builder with Banished influences, you take control of a community of survivors as they look for a new place to call home. You have complete creative control as you construct your ideal settlement by modifying the landscape, controlling scarce resources, maintaining crops, growing crops, hunting wildlife, gathering resources, and establishing trade routes. Gleamer Studio, a subsidiary of XD Inc. has released a mobile demo for Settlement Survival now available to download exclusively through TapTap.

Key Features of Settlement Survival

The Banished-inspired builder has fully adjustable procedural features that provide hardened city-building fans with demanding gameplay options or cozy risk-free buildings for a more relaxing experience. Players have complete creative freedom as they create their ideal settlement from the comfort of their fingertips by modifying the environment, controlling finite resources, maintaining crops, growing crops, hunting wildlife, gathering materials, and building trade routes.

Players must pay attention to the early warning signs of torrential rain, intense snowstorms, tornadoes, and fires if they hope to live in this game, which has unique terrain, seasonal weather cycles, and natural disasters that directly influence the communities and their residents.

Settlement Survival released
Image via XD Inc.

Settlement Survival now has released the free demo which projects a brand-new user interface, and huge enhancements to practically every aspect of the game, including seasonal events. It now has a well-balanced trading system. As a result, even the most seasoned builders will be tested by the city builder’s levels of intricacy, creative freedom, and customization. Even additional improvements for entertainment while traveling are promised in the next full mobile edition. Here are the key features of this game that players will get to enjoy:

  • Find Your Home — Choose your settlement’s location, sculpt its landscape, plan its layout, and express your style.
  • Grow Your Population — Recruit Mayors who set the tone of your settlement, build housing, control crime, and prevent baby booms from negatively impacting your resources.
  • Survive Disasters — Heed early warning signs, bunker down, and secure your citizens away from danger. Fail to do so and you risk losing everything you have established.
  • Explore Unique Maps — Each map is randomly generated, including resources and landmarks. Every experience is unique and presents difficult challenges.
  • Discover Rare Blueprints — Offering powerful effects, unique themes, and styles, rare blueprints are an opportunity to customize your settlement even further when you’ve mastered trading.
  • Develop Currency and Trade — Trading is key, no matter the commodity. Artistic items of high value, unprocessed products, and even common currency unlocked at the Mint will help pave the road to your future success.

To understand more about Settlement Survival, download the free demo and pre-register for the mobile version on TapTap right away.

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