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Seven Knights 2 brings a new hero, limited-time events, and more in its June 2023 update

Exciting new in-game content arrives!

The mobile role-playing game Seven Knights 2 has received a new June 2023 update, according to Netmarble, a well-known creator and distributor of top-notch mobile games. All players may now take advantage of fresh experiences and content, including a new Legendary+ Hero, outfits, and several temporary events.

Seven Knights 2 introduces a newly added Legendary+ Hero, Child of Light Phiné

In the most recent Seven Knights 2 update, a brand-new Legendary+ Hero named Child of Light Phiné joins the fray. She is the ideal ranged support type to aid her allies in battle. Her passive skill increases the attack of every ally and Critical Damage in proportion to HP lost in the PvP field while decreasing the Skill Gauge Recovery Rate to all in the same row. She is a great addition to lineups that don’t rely on ultimates because of this.

Image via Netmarble

Phiné’s ultimate skill distributes damage among all foes within 6 meters of the target which is equivalent to a specific percentage of Attack. Additionally, it restores a portion of the caster’s maximum health to all allies, making the caster a potent healer who is ideal for maintaining the health of her companions.

Seven Knights 2 June 2023 update brings new in-game events and rewards

The Child of Destiny Phiné outfit will also be added as part of this update for a different appearance. She’ll be prepared to keep your team healthy with her strong healing abilities in this sundress. New events are now available from June 7 through June 21, including:

  • Child of Light Phiné Release Celebration Check-In Event!: Players will receive 3000 Rubies and 5000 Maps if they log in to Seven Knights 2 for seven straight days.
  • Phiné’s Hopeful Dessert Shop! Event: Players can construct a variety of goodies, such as Ultimate Legendary+ Equipment Set Selection Tickets, Forgotten Memory Pieces, and more with Phiné’s Cake, which is awarded in various quest rewards.
  • Summon with Phiné & Make Desserts! Special Event: At the summon shop, players can summon or transcend heroes. Players can also acquire Phiné’s Sweet Cakes, Outfit Tickets, Mythic Elixir, and more.
  • Collect Phiné’s Delicious Sweet Cakes! Special Mission Event: In addition to the usual awards, players who complete Field Exploration and receive their final rewards from daily missions may also receive Phiné’s Sweet Cakes.

Are you excited about the June 2023 update in Seven Knights 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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