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Seven Knights 2 second September 2023 update brings new Legendary+ hero, mythic pet, and more

Alchemist of the Abyss Ian joins the fight!

Netmarble, a prominent developer and publisher renowned for its top-tier mobile games, has unveiled the second September 2023 update for the mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. This latest update introduces a brand-new Legendary+ hero, a mythical pet, and a Pet Upgrade System. Additionally, players can look forward to partaking in numerous exciting events for their enjoyment.

Introducing Ian, the Abyssal Alchemist, in Seven Knights 2

Ian, the Alchemist of the Abyss, is a Legendary+ hero with ranged abilities. His primary focus lies in enhancing the performance of allies who have recently received healing. When one of his allies gains a healing buff, Ian reduces the damage they take. Furthermore, if the healed hero belongs to the Tank, Support, or DPS roles, Ian will restore their Defense stat. In PVP battles, all of Ian’s allies benefit from increased resistance to Ultimate Skill Gauge Decrease when they are hit. This makes them more resilient in PVP scenarios.

Seven Knights 2 Ian
Image via Netmarble

Ian’s ultimate ability is a powerful one. It inflicts damage on all enemies within a circular area centered on Ian, stripping them of their buffs and afflicting them with a mutation debuff. Simultaneously, he provides healing to all of his allies and resets the cooldown of the Mystical Ink Skill for himself, enabling him to use it again more quickly.

The second September 2023 update brings a mythic pet along with a new pet upgrade system

In this latest update, a brand-new Mythic Pet has been introduced – the Fire Spirit of the Inner Eye, known as Karam. It possesses remarkable abilities, including the ability to restore the HP of all allies, bestowing an invincible effect, and enhancing the block rate of allies for a set duration. Additionally, when the health of allies drops below a specific threshold, Karam can replenish their maximum HP, grant the Immortality effect, and increase the cooldown of those within its proximity.

Furthermore, players now have access to the Pet Upgrade System, enabling them to enhance their pets by utilizing Upgrade Tokens. As pets grow stronger, not only does the Combat Power of the Mercenary Team increase but also the ATK/DEF/HP of all allies receive a boost. This system serves as a means to empower the entire Mercenary Team, making it better equipped to overcome some of the more challenging obstacles within the game.

Seven Knights 2 September 2023 update
Image via Netmarble

Enjoy exciting events in Seven Knights 2 second September 2023 update

 A number of events are now available, including:

  • Daily Pet Summon Celebrating Mythic Karam release (Sept. 13 – Oct. 4): To celebrate the release of the Mythic Pet Karam, players can earn Pet Step Up Summon Tickets by checking into the game for 11 days.
  • Karam Release Celebration Shoot & Loot Event (Sept. 13 – Sept. 27): Using Cosette’s Bullets that can be obtained through in-game missions and check-ins, players can obtain multiple rewards including Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, Rare through Legendary Pet Summon Vouchers, Pet Summon Tickets and more.
  • Alchemist’s Special Gift (Sept. 13 – Sept. 27): Those who complete high-difficulty in-game missions can get Selected Rate Up Equipment Selection Chests, Mythic Enhancement Stones, and more.

That was all about the Seven Knights 2 second September 2023 update.

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