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Shining Force Heroes of Light and Darkness: A strategy RPG based on Shining Force games has been announced

A new game on the Shining Force universe!

Hive, a Japanese subsidiary of Korean video game company, Vespa has announced that it has successfully licensed the rights to develop its own Shining Force games. The developers also announced that they’ll be bringing a new strategy RPG to mobile titled Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness, and the game will focus on the Shining Force universe.

Official Statement from Vespa

A Vespa official stated, “I am very pleased to have the special opportunity to reborn the masterpiece which represents SEGA, a master of global games, in a new form through this contract. We are preparing a game that many people can enjoy, not only existing users who miss the Shining series, but also users who are new to Shining Force, so I hope you can look forward to the release.” The acclaimed SEGA Shinning Force series is not new to mobile users after the release of Shining Force Classics, which was a fine way of bringing the best RPG Genesis together.

Shining Force Heroes of Light and Darkness: What to expect

The Shining Force series comprises a massive Shinning umbrella that involves several titles such as Blade Arcus and Shining Resonance. Prior to their announcement of Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness for mobile, the developers stated that the game will be free to play, including in-app purchases. It adds their aim is to bring strategic fun to mobile gaming.

Shining Force Heroes announced
Scenes from the Shining Force universe

Beta testing is currently in the works with a release planned in the first half of 2022

Additionally, the developers are yet to announce the specific countries or regions that will be getting a beta test or even the planned global release next year, as reported by Gematsu. However, licensing rights for the franchise includes North America, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and other Asian countries. At the moment the company is working on the game’s Beta and have promised that it will be based on the uncommon story and unique setting of the Shining Force series.

Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness will launch globally in the first half of 2022 following a beta testing period. In order to familiarise yourself with Shining Force in preparation for the upcoming Heroes of Light and Darkness, players can check out SEGA’s Shining Force Classics from the Play Store.

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Oh my god shining force is back am i dreaming ?


No, you are not. Its actually coming back!

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