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Fortnite temporarily disables the Shockwave Hammer following severe community backlash

A moment of relief for the players

After receiving a lot of negative feedback from the Fortnite community on the Shockwave Hammer, Epic Games have confirmed they have temporarily disabled the item until further notice. The incredibly powerful Epic item already had a mixed reaction when it was first introduced in Chapter 4: Season 1.

The story behind Shockwave Hammer backlash

Being of Epic rarity, getting Shockwave Hammer from chests was increasingly difficult. The effective way of obtaining them would be from Oathbound Chests. It gave an advantage to those that used it with the infinite mobility that it offered.

The item, however, had a very annoying glitch, adding to the problems of the already frustrated players, where users would bounce indefinitely with the Shockwave Hammer. GKI, a YouTuber, pointed out the issue with the Hammer that may lead to the item being removed.

Ever since it was first pointed out, most of them could figure out what was wrong. Epic Games usually respond faster to such bugs, and they have acted quickly to address the issue.

Fortnite Shockwave Hammer Glitch
Image via GKI YT

What next for the Shockwave Hammer

Well, there are speculations about whether Shockwave Hammer has been disabled temporarily or permanently. For now, we can surely say this is just to fix the ongoing issue and nothing else to take it out of proportion. Epic Games will bring back the Shockwave Hammer as soon as it is good to go in the next update.

While the fans of the Shockwave Hammer await the Epic item to be welcomed back to the game as soon as possible, the rest hope it will be nerfed a bit so they’ll have an even game.

What are your thoughts on the Shockwave Hammer being temporarily disabled in Fortnite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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