SkateFish is a new skateboarding game set to release on Android and iOS in 2023

Ollie, Grind, and Kickflip Your Way to the Perfect Catch!

The release of SkateFish on mobile in 2023 was announced by publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Sudden Event Studios. Players are encouraged to prepare for the game by adjusting their trucks and applying fresh grip tape. They can then immerse themselves in a unique experience where skateboarding merges with fishing. With a customizable character, they can dominate the world as their own half-pipe, performing tricks like ollies, grinds, and kickflips. By impressing fish and successfully catching them, players can achieve their fishing goals and win over the admiration of others.

SkateFish is an exciting fusion of skateboarding and fishing

From the creators of Bombfest, a new world awaits where one must awe the fish in order to catch them. Players can personalize their character, board, and fishing rod, embarking on a journey through seven serene settings. Each environment boasts unique fish species to capture and thrilling obstacles to navigate on a skateboard.

SkateFish gameplay
Image via Whitethorn Games

Utilize intuitive touch controls with two fingers to execute flips, grind ledges, and showcase impressive aerial maneuvers. As players reel in numerous discerning carp, bass, trout, and other fish, they contribute to the growth of the community aquarium and solidify their status as a renowned skate-fishing legend.

Key Features of SkateFish include:

  • They offer an experience reminiscent of finger-deck skateboarding, replicated through touch controls using two fingers. These controls enable players to perform tricks like flips, grinds, and slides, leading them to achieve fame in the fishdom realm.
  • There are a total of seven distinct places to explore, each featuring its own unique underwater creatures that players can impress.
  • Players have the option to personalize their skateboards, tracks, grip tape, and fishing equipment, allowing them to showcase a stylish appearance while they cast their fishing line.
  • Additionally, players can socialize with fellow anglers and establish connections to gain valuable insights into the latest fishing techniques and information.

SkateFish will be available for Android via Google Play and for iOS via the Apple Store in 2023. For additional information about the release of SkateFish, players can visit the official website.

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