Slay the Spire Mobile is coming soon

Slay the Spire is a very popular roguelike card game hybrid and Mega Crit games has announced they’ll port the games to mobile devices. It was first announced to be released back in 2019, but that has been delayed to early 2020.

What is Slay the Spire Mobile about?

Slay the Spire Mobile is a single-player deck builder fused together with a roguelike. You will craft a unique deck with each new game, fight against bizarre creatures and monster, collect relics and become powerful. All that, so that you can Slay the Spire!

slay the spire gameplay

Slay the Spire is available on Steam, and a promotion of -50% is running as well.

Mega Crit Games’ status update

Back in 2019 fans of the game asked about the progress for Slay the Spire Mobile on Twitter, and Mega Crit Games’ replied back, that it will be released in 2019 which did not happen.

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According to one of their latest game updates they’re also very excited to release the game. Currently, they have a playable build of the game. They just need to polish everything up to get ready for the final version and the mobile release. There is no date for the release as of yet, but they promised another update in early 2020. Fingers crossed!

I know you are all very excited about the upcoming mobile version of Slay the Spire. We are too! We’ve hit a playable version of the game and it’s looking great, you’ll be able to play the full Slay the Spire experience on your phone very soon. But, we need to do another QA pass to ensure things are clean for the mobile launch.

Additionally, they have also mentioned, “We are close, and will have another status update for you in early 2020”. So it is just the time when the fans will get a big announcement about the release of Slay the Spire Mobile version.

Are you just as excited as I am for this release? Let’s hope for fast development and release date to be announced with the next game update. However, if you are looking for more upcoming games, you can check our Upcoming Games section.

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