Soccer Manager 2022 is now up for pre-registration

The game is available to pre-register on Android and iOS devices!

It’s that time of the year again when the football season resets, and as do all the video-game franchises. Soccer Manager Games are one of the most popular football simulation series developers on the platform. They are back at it again with the all-new Soccer Manager 2022 edition, which is now up for pre-registration. Immerse yourself into the role of a football manager in the all-new manager simulation game, Soccer Manager 2022. This article will cover absolutely everything you need to know about the long-awaited new release of the game, from the dates and beta tests to the new features included.

Soccer Manager 2022 (SM22): Beta Test

There is an opportunity to get a hold of the 2022 edition of Soccer Manager before its official release date of October 1st. The Closed Beta test has began on the 4th of August, 2021. This has been locked to only selected users, including partners and moderators from the official Soccer Manager Discord server and the respective server boosters.

Don’t lose hope though! An Open Beta is expected to be distributed to members soon as well. To get your hands on this, simply keep a watch on the Soccer Manager Discord server or their other social media handles. We’ll update our article accordingly once it is available.

Soccer Manager 2022: Requirements

The arrival of Soccer Manager 2021 had definitely caused some disruption, with some players seeing an error saying their device was not compatible. The developers have now made it clear that the game will not be made compatible with 32-bit devices. That’s all the information available as of now, with no specific device requirements given. However, it is unlikely that there will be another huge jump in compatibility from Soccer Manager 2021. If a player can run Soccer Manager 2021 at a decent level, he should be fine.

Soccer Manager 2022 (SM22): New features

Now the part which probably is the keypoints which are most eagerly looked at, is the new features being introduced to the game. During the release of Soccer Manager 21, GamingonPhone had the chance to hold an exclusive interview with the devs at Soccer Manager Games, about the future of the series. In addition to that, sneak peeks have been releasing by the day too, revealing more and more information about the game. In this section will summarise all the new content as it is announced.

Cover Stars and Overall Design

Some gameplay screenshots have been showcased on the pre-registration page for Soccer Manager 2022 on the Google Play Store. The new colour scheme appears to be a much darker blue as the dominant colour. The cover star is once again, Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta. Great choice developers!

Soccer Manager 2022 pre-registration
Mikel Arteta has made into the cover of Soccer Manager 2022

Challenge Mode

Alongside the game’s standard career mode, Soccer Manager 2022 will feature a Challenge Mode involving a range of different objectives which you can work towards. The things like achieving promotion, avoiding relegation and encouragement of squad rebuilds. This concept had already been introduced in the Soccer Manager 21 edition, which means the 2022 edition will offer some different challenges.

Soccer Manager 2022 Sneak Peeks: What to expect in the new game

Sneak Peek 1: Assistant Managers

This feature enables live feedback which will give players advice on how to overcome problems during a match, coming from the virtual assistant manager. Something like this would help immensely for new players, as long as it functions correctly. It may get to a point in a match where things are going wrong and the player might have no clue at what the issue is. Hopefully, this addition eases things up a little.

Sneak Peek 2: Pre-Season Tournaments

Soccer Manager 2021 had already introduced features like arranging friendlies and other friendly matches were in place long before. However, there had been no real structure. Pre-Season friendlies didn’t really have any structure to them and were just basic matches. With Soccer Manager 2022, friendlies will come in the form of pre-season tournaments. This will be an opportunity to boost funds and earn some silverware before the season has even started. Why not!

Sneak Peek 3: New Leagues and Nations

Although this is quite a niche edition, with most new leagues and nations appealing to a selected group of players, you really can’t go wrong with adding a bunch of new teams to the game. It shows the game is widening its horizon and appealing to a larger audience with every new edition of Soccer Manager.

Sneak Peek 4: Developed Player Interaction

Soccer Manager 2021 had already introduced a whole new level of detail with the players having their own morale and mindset. SM22 builds on this further! Players will come to a conversation on more occasions, and the variety of responses is also improved. Man management is a key role to success in Soccer Manager 2022

Soccer Manager 2022 release date

The game is officially up on the Google Play Store for pre-registration, but when can you actually start playing? The developers have set October 1st as the expected release date for the game, which means it is quite close. Also if you’re interested, the PC version of the game will release on Steam sometime after the mobile releases, during Autumn, although no date is provided there.

Are you excited about the fact that Soccer Manager 2022 is up for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments section below.

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