Spiritle, the new turn-based strategy digital board game is now available on iOS

Master the powers of the 4 elements to defeat your opponents

Fabled Game, which is responsible for the highly acclaimed roguelike strategy game Pirates Outlaws, is delighted to declare the release of its newest digital board game called Spiritle. This captivating four-player turn-based strategy game is now available on the App Store. Prior to this, Spiritle was introduced to the gaming community through its initial launch on Steam, Epic, and Google Play.

Engage in epic spirit warfare in Spiritle

Spiritle is a party game in which participants assume the persona of an embodied spirit, engaging in conflicts with allies and adversaries in order to reclaim their position within the World Tree. With its 4-player cross-platform compatibility, Spiritle requires players to select one out of the available 8 spirits, each deriving power from the four fundamental elements. These spirits possess distinct abilities and gameplay styles, aiming to establish dominance over the game board.

Spiritle launch
Image via Fabled Game Studio

Additionally, Spiritle matches occur within the framework of 4 Seasons, each spanning a duration of 3 months and presenting exclusive enchantments that influence strategic decisions for players. These enchantments can range from modifying the environment to altering a character’s skill choices or even transforming the entire game board.

Nicolas Lavergne, the Game Producer at Fabled Game Studio, expressed his delight in witnessing the enthusiastic response of the global audience to Spiritle since its release last month. He conveyed his excitement about the game’s recent availability on iOS platforms, which significantly expands their potential player base. Lavergne also highlighted the fact that casual gamers now have the opportunity to download Spiritle for free and try it out, adding to the excitement surrounding the game.

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