Brawl Stars Lily Guide: Attacks, Star Power, Gadgets, Gears and more

The new Mythic brawler is in the game!

Lily, a recent addition to Brawl Stars was announced during the April 2024 Brawl Talk. She has made her debut just recently. “A nerd at heart and a total witchcraft buff, Lily’s thirst for knowledge once led her into the Enchanted Woods, where an incident involving a firefly and a carnivorous plant would change her life forever…“. In this guide, we will provide tips and tricks on how to effectively use Lily in Brawl Stars, covering her attacks, super, star power, gadgets, and the best gears for various situations.

New Brawler: Lily

Lily belongs to the Mythic Brawler rarity. Players can obtain her from the shop for around 21.99$ USD as a pack which includes:

Brawl Stars Lily Guide
Image via Supercell Games
  • 1x Brawler (Lily)
  • 8x Pins
  • 1x Spray
  • 2200x Power Points
  • 4000x coins
  • 80x Gems
  • 1x skin

Lily has moderate damage, moderate health, short range, and great movement speed. Similar to Buzz, Lily’s Trait allows her to passively charge her Super if an enemy Brawler is within her radius. Below are the details of her attacks, super, star power, and gadgets.

Brawl Stars Lily Guide: Attacks

Lily’s Attack: Thorn in the side

Brawl Stars Lily Normal Attack
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Lily’s regular attack is “Thorn on the Side“. Lily employs her thorn to jab enemies at short distances, piercing through targets. Similar to Bee, Lily has one ammo bar that recharges very quickly.

Lily’s Super: Florish

Brawl Stars Super
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Lily’s Super is “Flourish“. Lily hurls a projectile resembling a fruit, and if she hits an enemy with it, she instantly transports to their location. This Super cannot pass through walls and Lily cannot be damaged while teleporting.

Tips for using Lily’s Super

  • Surprise Attacks: Use Lily’s Super to surprise enemies by suddenly teleporting next to them. This can catch them off guard and give you the upper hand in battles.
  • Target Priority: Prioritize hitting high-value targets with Lily’s Super. Teleporting to key enemies such as enemy carriers or support brawlers can disrupt their positioning and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Brawl Stars Lily Guide: Lily’s Skills



Brawl Stars Lily Guide Gadget 1
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Lily’s first gadget is “Vanish“. When activated, it immediately transports Lily to the shadow realm for 3 seconds, similar to Cordelius’s Super, but she can’t take anyone with her. What’s unique about this gadget is that if Cordelius brings someone into the shadow realm, Lily can also use her gadget to teleport there and join the battle.


Brawl Stars Lily Guide Gadget 2
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Lily’s second gadget is called “Repot“. When activated, it transforms her next Super into a throwable projectile that can traverse over walls. Additionally, Lily will teleport to wherever the fruit lands and it doesn’t even require hitting an enemy to work, unlike her regular Super.

Star Power


Brawl Stars Lily Guide Star Power 1
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Lily’s first star power is “Spikey“. With this star power, the next attack Lily fires after using her Super to teleport will receive a hefty boost of 1200 damage. Although Lily’s attack can pierce through multiple brawlers, the additional damage will only apply to the first target she hits.


Brawl Stars Lily Guide Star Power 2
Image via KairosTimeGaming

Lily’s second star power, “Vigilance“, boosts her movement speed by 15% as long as there’s an enemy within her Supercharge radius. This enhancement can stack with speed gear and other effects, but it won’t stack with multiple enemies.

Best Gears for Lily in Brawl Stars

  • Damage Gear: Lily can benefit from extra damage when her health is below 50%, allowing her to become more threatening when she’s in a tight spot. This can help her secure eliminations or turn the tide of battles.
  • Speed Gear: Increasing Lily’s speed when moving in bushes can enhance her mobility and ability to flank or escape from enemies. This can be particularly useful for modes like Gem Grab or Showdown, where map control and maneuverability are key to success.
  • Gadget Charge: with this gear equipped players can use their gadget one extra time per match

That’s all for the Brawl Stars Lily Guide! If you want to read more about Brawl Stars, check these articles below.

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