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Dragon POW! Tips to earn Dragon Gem in the game

Get more Dragon Gems!

Dragon POW! is a mobile bullet-hell shooter RPG developed by Flow Entertainment and distributed by Boltray Games. One of the essential resources in the game is Dragon Gems a currency used for various purposes, including summoning dragons and acquiring powerful items. In this article, I’ll share some valuable tips to help you earn Dragon Gem effectively in Dragon POW, ensuring you have the resources you need to progress and strengthen your dragons!

If you’re new to the game, make sure to check out our beginners guide for the basics and tips to start your adventure smoothly. Don’t forget to check out the available redeem codes for more in-game rewards. Also, check out the top dragons with our tier list. If you encounter any issues just reach out the customer support for assistance.

How to Get Dragon Gems in Dragon POW!

1. Complete Main Story Quests

In my experience, completing main story quests in Dragon POW! is an essential way to earn Dragon Gems. These quests typically revolve around game progression and achieving specific milestones, such as equipping treasures, clearing chapters, or unlocking new features.

Dragon POW! Tips to Earn Dragon Gem in the Game
Image via Boltray Games

By diligently completing these quests, not only do you advance in the game’s storyline, but you also earn valuable rewards, including Dragon Gems. Whenever you have the opportunity to tackle a main story quest, be sure to do so to progress further and increase your resource pool in Dragon POW.

2. Clear Stages in Rift

Clearing stages in Rift is another effective method to earn Dragon Gems in Dragon POW! There are various rift modes such as Timed Trials, Ancient Rift, and Lost Battlefields. Timed trials typically challenge you to complete stages within a set time limit. By successfully clearing these stages within the specified time frame, you can earn various rewards, including Dragon Gems.

Dragon POW! Tips to Earn Dragon Gem in the Game
Image via Boltray Games

I’ve found that clearing stages in timed trials becomes even more lucrative with the fast completion feature, which allows you to swiftly complete stages. Utilizing different rift modes strategically allows you to diversify your gameplay experience while maximizing your earnings of Dragon Gems and other rewards.

3. Claim Milestone Reward in the Leaderboard

In my experience, claiming milestone rewards in the leaderboard of Dragon POW! presents another avenue to earn Dragon Gems. As you progress through the game and compete with other players, you’ll reach various milestones based on your achievements and rankings.

Dragon POW! Tips to Earn Dragon Gem in the Game
Image via Boltray Games

These milestones often come with lucrative rewards, including Dragon Gems, which can significantly boost your resources. By actively participating in leaderboard competitions and striving to reach higher rankings, you can unlock milestone rewards and bolster your collection of Dragon Gems.

4. Level up and claim Journey Rewards

I’ve found that you can also get Dragon Gems by leveling up and claiming journey rewards in Dragon POW! As you progress through the game and accumulate experience points, you’ll level up your account, unlocking various rewards. These rewards often include Dragon Gems, among other valuable resources, providing you with an incentive to continue playing and advancing in the game.

Dragon POW! Tips to Earn Dragon Gem in the Game
Image via Boltray Games

Remember to check the journey rewards section regularly as you reach new levels to claim your rewards promptly and maximize your Dragon Gem earnings. By doing so, you can steadily increase your Dragon Gems stash and enhance your gaming experience.

5. Sign in and Share Daily

Don’t forget about the daily sign-in feature! Simply logging into Dragon POW! every day rewards you with various bonuses, including Dragon Gems. Making it a habit to sign in regularly ensures that you don’t miss out on these valuable rewards, helping you steadily accumulate Dragon Gems over time.

Dragon POW! Tips to Earn Dragon Gem in the Game
Image via Boltray Games

Additionally, you can Additionally, you can earn Dragon Gems by sharing Dragon POW! with friends. Sharing referral links or inviting friends to join the game through social media platforms can often reward you with Dragon Gems as a thank-you gesture from the game developers.

Final Thoughts

By following these various methods, you can steadily accrue Dragon Gems in Dragon POW!, enhancing your gameplay experience and progression. By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay routine, you’ll find yourself amassing a wealth of Dragon Gems in no time, allowing you to unlock new features, summon powerful dragons, and dominate the game world.

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