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Sprite Fantasia: Sequel to Grand Fantasia Online is coming to mobile and PC

The game is open for pre-registration on Google and Apple stores

Fans of the MMORPG genre have something to look forward to, courtesy of X-Legend Entertainment. The soon-to-be-released Sprite Fantasia is a 3D adventure MMORPG and also a sequel to the classic Grand Fantasia Online. It is an open-world game with aesthetically pleasing surroundings and filled with adorable sprites and pets. X-Legend Entertainment has just announced that Sprite Fantasia will be available on both mobile and PC.

Sprite Fantasia gameplay

Open-world exploration

The magical continent of Saphael is home to mountains, plains, rivers, and lakes waiting to be explored by you. The goal is to be the Sprite messenger and traverse the lands and defend Saphael with the sprites against the invasion of an alien civilization.

Sprite Fantasia mobile
Sprite Fantasia, the upcoming MMORPG

Adorable sprite partner

In Saphael, players will meet magical creatures called Sprites who address the Sprite messenger as “master” and will accompany them in their journey.

Team up and devise strategic plans

Create a powerful Sprite Fantasia team on mobile, equip the sprites with different memory cards, and use unique skills to beat the opponent. Defeat a boss with hundreds of techniques. Multiple skill qualities will provide cover for the deficiencies of other skills.

Customized island and outfits

On each island, players can own a workshop that will allow them to create their own furniture and decorate their island as you desire. And as one completes quests and fills up their book collection, they will get the freedom to choose an outfit for the character from hundreds of outfits.

Messenger Classes

Each messenger holds a specific section of expertise. The classes are:

  • Warrior (Paladin/ Berserker)
  • Mage (Sorcerer/ Necromancer)
  • Archer (Ranger/ Assassin)
  • Priest (Cleric/ Sage)

The stats in the game consist of:

  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Support
  • Control
  • AOE
Sprite Fantasia mobile
Gameplay of Sprite Fantasia

Messengers of each class have strengths in some stats while weaknesses in others. Also, there are uniquely rare Messengers called Grand Messengers, but their data hasn’t been released by the developers yet. The developers have revealed brief details regarding the combat mechanics which are commonly seen in all MMORPGs, but it can be expected to be similar to those of Grand Fantasia Online.

Sprite Fantasia: Global mobile and PC release date

The developer has not yet announced an exact release date for Sprite Fantasia, but pre-registration for both mobile and PC editions is open. So, we can expect the launch of this game very soon.

Pre-register now in stores to get an exclusive SSR card! Players can register on the Google Play Store, App Store, or the X-Legends website.

Are you excited for Sprite Fantasia, soon to be released on mobile? Please let us know in the comments below!

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