Mobile gaming news roundup (March 2024): New releases, Industry movements and more

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Gaming friendos, welcome to your monthly dose of all things exciting in the world of mobile gaming. March 2024 was been packed with thrilling developments, from hot new game releases to major industry movements. So, in this article, I aim to give a comprehensive look at all the thrilling gaming experiences the previous month had in store for us with this Monthly Mobile Gaming News Roundup for March 2024.

Monthly Mobile Gaming News Roundup for March 2024

Week 1: March 01 to March 07

Executive Summary

Several new games were announced and released for mobile platforms this week. Ironhide Studios unveiled Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance, while Kwalee launched their game optimization platform Hitseeker. Additionally, multiplayer shooter MerX and strategy title Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers had soft launches in specific regions. Fans of anime enjoyed the release of Blue Lock BLAZE BATTLE in Japan, while flight simulation enthusiasts got Aerofly FS Global.

Meanwhile, pre-registration opened for MLB RIVALS and Thomas & Friends: Let’s Roll, while CLUB game started registration for closed beta testing. In industry news, casual gaming is predicted to thrive this year, and Warner Bros. Discovery announced a focus on mobile and free-to-play titles. Unfortunately, Volzerk announced its shutdown. Lastly, Candy Crush Solitaire, Kingdom: The Blood, Hades, BLEACH: Soul Reaper, and Wartune Ultra made waves with their releases.


Thomas Friends Let's Roll cover, Mobile gaming news March 2024
Image via StoryToys

Week 2: March 08 to March 14

Executive Summary

Kicking off mobile gaming news for the second week of March 2024 was Fortnite’s return to iOS, which faced a setback. Meanwhile, a mobile game based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is in development, targeting a 2025 launch. Gaming creator Maxtern stirred controversy after an alleged attack by Bigg Boss fame Elvish Yadav.

The release date for The Division Resurgence got pushed to December 2024. Civilization: Eras & Allies entered early access, and Stone Age: Digital Edition, Goddess Order, and Paper Trail were announced. Mobies Awards 2024 will take place in London this summer. Clash Mini ceased development while NetEase’s Hyper Front was rebranded as Operation Apocalypse in China.


Civilization: Eras & Allies
Image Via 2K Games

Week 3: March 15 to March 21

Executive Summary

One Piece Dream Pointer is set to launch in China, while Queen Link, Monster Never Cry, and Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude!, saw releases. Two big action titles Blood Strike and COD Warzone Mobile got worldwide launches too. The mobile games industry saw massive growth in 2023, generating 40 billion downloads and $53 billion in revenue. LinkedIn announced plans to introduce games on its platform. Unfortunately, there’s sad news from Genshin Impact as Lee Woo-ri, the voice actor for ‘Cyno,’ passed away.

Balatro and Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago were announced, while Solo Leveling:ARISE, Netmarble’s ARPG, began early access in Canada and Thailand. Pre-registration is open for Azur Promilia, and Construction Simulator 4. Battle Rivals: Epic Clash enters early access, and the Epic Games Store is expected to come to iOS and Android by the end of 2024. Additionally, Arena Breakout pokes fun at Warzone Mobile’s optimization, while BATTLE CRUSH starts its 2nd beta test.


Solo Leveling Arise Lee Bora Build Guide
Image via Netmarble

Week 4: March 22 to March 28

Executive Summary

The week started with some spicy controversies as Tech giants Microsoft, Meta, and X aligned with Epic against Apple’s court ruling. A former executive of Yoozoo Games receives a death sentence for poisoning the company’s founder. COD Warzone Mobile achieves average results on day one. Brawl Stars experiences a surge in revenue and monthly active users. Tencent plans to release Assassin’s Creed Jade in 2025 and plans to develop mobile games inspired by Palworld.

Rumble Club and Age of Empires: Mobile enters early access. Dark and Darker Mobile prepares for a closed beta test. Tencent’s Tarisland and Haikyu!! FLY HIGH opens pre-registration. Skate Fish, Cassette Beasts, Howl, and Witch Cry 2 are set to release on mobile. Asphalt 9: Legends evolves into Asphalt Legends UNITE. Misfits Gaming ventures into game development with Misfits Interactive. World of Warships: Legends and JUMP: Assemble debuts on mobile. NetEase Games and Sandsoft partner to introduce Stellar Gate Games. Lonesome Village and Wildfrost are scheduled for release on April 11th, 2024.


Skate Fish release, Mobile gaming news March 2024
Image via Whitethorn Games
Witch Cry 2 The red hood cover
Image via Keplerians Horror Games

Week 5: March 29 to March 31

Executive Summary

Mobile gaming news at the end of March 2024 was filled with releases. Teeny Tiny Trains, a rail-connecting puzzle by Short Circuit Studio, and PolyGuns FPS – Shooter Strike, an action title get launched. Metal Slug: Awakening conducts a closed beta test for Android and PC.

RAGNAROK Vertical, Gravity’s 3D MMORPG, City of Outlaws, a gangster adventure similar to GTA, and JetSynthesys’ sports title, 2K Cricket, enter early access. Little Land, a Grounded-like survival game, is officially launched for Android in selected regions. Honor of Kings is set to release in India in June 2024.


2K Cricket Wicket Player Face Game Cover, Mobile gaming news March 2024
Image via JetSynthesys

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