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Summoners War: Sky Arena celebrates its 10th anniversary with new monsters and limited-time events

Exciting rewards are up for grabs!

In commemorating the 10th anniversary of the flagship action RPG Summoners War: Sky Arena, developer Com2uS introduces a groundbreaking update. Commencing today, Summoners have access to anniversary-exclusive packs and scrolls, along with time-limited events and enhancements to the gameplay experience. Throughout this celebration, participants have the opportunity to obtain any 5 Nat Monsters with Fire, Water, or Wind attributes, enabling them to assert dominance in dungeons and secure valuable rewards.

Summoners War: Sky Arena 10th anniversary update: Key Highlights

New Monsters

Until June 9, players can acquire five Nat Monsters with Fire, Water, or Wind attributes by accumulating a specific number of 10-Year Coins. There’s also a one-time option to switch Monsters after summoning, granting flexibility to all players.

Furthermore, two new Monsters, Cyborg and Hacker, have joined the fray, accompanied by a special event lasting until May 5. During this event, Summoners can obtain Cyborg Scrolls and other desirable rewards.

NAT 5★ Wish Monster Giveaway

Summoners have the opportunity to use 50 10th Anniversary Coins until June 9 to summon a 5★ Wish Monster from the Fire, Water, and Wind elements. These anniversary coins are awarded based on gameplay and crystal expenditure.

Transmog Giveaway

Players can acquire Monster Transmogs tailored to their preferred themes and attributes every three check-ins. By checking in for ten days, players can receive up to ten Transmogs, including an exclusive Heroine of Destiny Homunculus Transmog.

Anniversary Scroll Giveaway

Players can purchase up to 200x 10th Anniversary Scrolls using coins. The first 100 Scrolls are priced exceptionally low at just one coin each. After the initial 100 Scrolls, the price increases to 15 coins per Scroll.

Special Shop

Depending on the number of 10th Anniversary Scrolls purchased, players can access the Special Shop to obtain coveted items such as Legendary All Attribute Scrolls, L&D Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, Mystical Scrolls, Legendary Runes, Devilmon, and more.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Entry conditions for secret dungeons have been enhanced, along with improvements to Summoner’s Way and Mana Stones in Challenge Tasks. Additionally, a Welcome Special Reward Pass has been introduced, along with a Goddess Coin and Goddess Shop.

Summoners War stands as a global sensation for Com2uS, boasting a staggering 200 million downloads and accumulating over 3.4 trillion KRW in sales since its inception in 2014. In appreciation of its widespread player base, the game consistently introduces fresh events and updates annually, often featuring collaborations with renowned intellectual properties such as Cookie Run: Kingdom and Assassin’s Creed.

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