Super Tank Blitz is set to release on Android and iOS in July

South Korean video game developer and publisher Smilegate Megaport is here with another action-packed game. This time it is the release of Super Tank Blitz, which is the highly anticipated sequel to Super Tank Rumble. Blitz is a casual mobile sandbox game developed by Lumidia Games. The global pre-registration began on May 21, 2020, and Super Tank Blitz is set to release in July.

About Super Tank Blitz

If Super Tank Rumble is the award-winning sandbox strategy game where a player assembles their tank with various Blocks. Then Super Tank Blitz is all about creating and customizing one’s own unique tank and then heading into intense battle against other players. Rumble was launched in 2017 and recorded over 20 million downloads worldwide. It was also chosen by Google as the most innovative game of 2017.

If you are thinking that everything will be the same then you are wrong! The addition of character elements is the most notable change to the sequel. Users will be able to collect and build a variety of characters through real-time battles. As the character grows, more parts are made available to create an original, powerful tank.

Each Commander available in the game has their own basic attack and special skill. They all have unique aspects that you should take into consideration before selecting which one to play with. The special thing is, you can level up your Commanders to make them more powerful.

Super Tank Blitz release

Each character has its own distinctive tank, and the tank is provided when a new character is collected, providing a foundation for easy assembly of tanks of a wide variety. The players need to master their tank’s sub-weapons and gadgets in order to succeed. Super Tank Blitz is available for pre-registration from over on Google Play and the game’s official site. It’s expected to launch for iOS and Android in July.

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