Supercell Make has arrived to Clash Royale: Here’s how players can create their own Emotes

Create your desired emotes now!

Supercell Make campaign has been one of the most creative ideas for involving creators all over the world to put together their artistic minds to create new artwork. The good news to fans as the Supercell Make program has now arrived to Clash Royale, which allows people to make creative Emotes concepts while earning money for the same. More details are given below.

How to make your own Clash Royale Emotes for the Supercell Make Campaign

Emotes are extremely popular in Clash Royale, where a variety of emotes already exists, and fans just cannot think other than adding more to their repertoire. Supercell Make was first launched in November 2019 and with the arrival of the same to Clash Royale, it’ll be even more exciting for fans.

As far as the concept is concerned, players in their Emotes can reflect a particular battle moment, convey a mood or feeling, or just be entertaining animations.

Character Guidelines

All Clash Royale characters are unique, and separated by their distinct characteristics. Players will have to think of this while creating. Think about them in different scenarios, in different attire, and in something unique that stands out. Keep in mind the already existing emotes, and think of those who can be represented uniquely, say a Christmas Santa P.E.K.K.A? Maybe a bad idea, but who knows?

Creating your Emote

Season 45 Emotes
Image via Supercell

The fundamental principles listed that players should take into account when designing emotes are given by Clash Royale as follows:


  • Match the attitude of the animation with the character’s personality and the Clash universe.
  • Light-hearted and non-violent
  • Avoid darker themes. In simple, approach them in a funny way so that it can bring a laugh.


  • Vibrant and flat color.
  • Basic and simple shapes.
  • Hard and clean shadows and highlights.
  • Cute and simple representation of the original character.


  • If an emote is not tied to an emotion or a reaction, humor is frequently important and can help.
  • Memes are always a great choice to proceed with.

Submitting your Emote

A Static Icon, three Key Animation Frames, and a Description for your emotes, writing about what exactly is it are required for all submissions. Optional assets, such as different work-in-progress sketches, in-depth descriptions, or a video, can be added to spice things up and grab voters’ attention.

A Static Icon will show the preview of the emote in the deck, like a thumbnail of a video. It does not have to be one of the Key Animation Frames, but it should be included in the animation.

Supercell make campaign
Image via Supercell

Three Key Animation Frames need to be submitted. It need not be in color but should be designed accordingly. Keep a separate Thumbnail ready, which will be used for displaying on the Clash Royale Supercell Make official site. Lastly, a text description should be written in detail, so that the viewers can understand the reason behind the actions.

You do not need to use a computer to draw. Drawings on paper are acceptable, but keep in mind the image quality. Instead of a camera or a phone, use a scanner. You can also use a video for showing off your creation, which can be shared via a link.

The submission dates are not out yet. For more information on the updates, visit the Supercell official website, and read the latest blog post about this new Clash Royale campaign. 

Are you excited about the Supercell Make campaign calling for Clash Royale players for creating emotes? Do let us know in the comments!

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