Clash Royale Season 45 ‘Goblin Party’ March 2023 Update and Balance Changes

Its party time!

Clash Royale will be coming with the Season 45 theme of Goblin Party as a part of their 7th-anniversary celebrations this March 2023. Earlier, they had announced a themed Birthday Season to come to the game with lots of events and rewards on offer, as the popular Supercell title completed 7 years on March 2nd. In this article, we shall walk through the details of the upcoming update.

Clash Royale Season 45 Goblin Party Update details

As mentioned earlier, the season will commemorate the game’s 7th birthday, and for this reason, they’ve picked the naughty Goblins for the party. Hence, players will be interested to know what will be coming this season of Clash Royale.

New Tower Skins

As expected in every update, Tower Skins will be again made available in the game. This time we will be seeing two new Tower Skins coming to the game, with one coming under the Pass Royale and the other as a shop purchase. Although, we cannot be sure if we will be getting a free tower skin as a part of the birthday celebrations.

Goblin Party Tower Skins
Image via Supercell

The skins are party themed, and both look visually stunning. On the left is the Party Protector tower skin, which players can get via the Pass Royale, and on the right is the Disco Defense tower skin which can be purchased via the shop.

New cards and events

As revealed earlier, the Goblin Party will feature its very own hut coming to the game, which is named the Goblin Party Hut. This can be tried out by the players in the special challenge once the update is made live. This has a special feature though, a Dart Goblin on the top of the hut will be shooting continuously, and after the hut is taken down, a gang of Goblins comes from hiding to surprise you.

Season 45 Golbin Party Hut and Rocket
Image via Supercell

Another card is in the talks for coming live in this update, which is the Goblin Rocket. It deals high damage in a small area and will have the spell to turn the killed enemy troops into goblins. However, the tower damage is negligible and the Elixir cost is 5.

More events are announced by Supercell, which can help the players rack up to 150K Gold and other rewards in total, so don’t miss out on them at any cost! The breakdown of the upcoming events is given as follows:

March 6th to March 12thGoblin Outbreak ChainA challenge chain consisting of four challenges with each section requiring three wins.
March 11th to March 15thRoyal TournamentGlobal Tournament
March 13th to March 19thParty Hut ChallengeA special event featuring the Party Hut. Get the Goblin Rocket emote as a reward.
March 20th to March 26thHeist Draft ChallengeDraft mode event in which each player selects 4 cards and gives 4 cards to the opponent.
March 25th to April 1stRoyal TournamentTriple Draft mode.
March 27th to April 5thParty Rocket ChallengeA special event featuring the Party Rocket.

Emotes and Banners

Goblin-themed emotes are coming to the game, with other packs now live as well. Featuring the Goblins and the Wizards, the emotes look pretty interesting, and the overall theme of the Birthday Season will be replicated with these coming. The Goblin ones, especially the Mic Drop emote would definitely be a fan favorite as it is a perfect fit for those moves which come out of nowhere.

Season 45 Emotes
Image via Supercell

The Battle Banners look neat as well, and once again it is also designed to match the current theme of the season. Players can get their hands on them in the game.

Balance Changes

This month, there are no balance changes. So, players can enjoy their cards and decks without worrying about the drop in winrate or performance.

Final Thoughts

As expected, the update is rocking in terms of the events and the skins. This might be mainly because of the birthday celebrations, but there have been updates where some nice rewards and events were distributed. Players can enjoy the upcoming events and cards, which look fun to use.

The Goblin Party theme looks fresh and as far as the plans and the events that are lined up are concerned, this season will be something that the fans will enjoy for sure.

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Season 45 Goblin Party update? Let us know in the comments below!

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