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Sword Master Story x DanMachi collaboration to feature characters from the popular anime

Various events are to be held for the players in the community!

For a very special occasion, the mobile RPG Sword Master Story and a popular anime will meet in a collaboration. ‘Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?’, popularly known as DanMachi, has begun a collaboration with the mobile hack-and-slash action RPG Sword Master Story.

Fujino Omori’s light novel Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? tells the narrative of the adventurer Bell Cranel and the goddess Hestia in the labyrinth city Orario. The narrative has been transformed into a variety of media formats, including anime and video games, and has a worldwide following.

Main characters from DanMachi to be featured in Sword Master Story

Bell and Hestia, Ais, and Ryu are included as new characters in this partnership with Sword Master Story, and ‘Bell and Hestia’ will appear through the unique concept of two characters as one. Furthermore, players can encounter ‘Welf’ and ‘Freya’ by donning new outfits, that alter the appearance of existing Sword Master Story characters.

The whole design symbolizes the personality of ‘Hestia,’ who does not rush into war. The distinctive clothes that have been integrated into pixel graphics are another easter egg for anime enthusiasts.

During the ‘DanMachi’ collaboration, which will last for around a month from April 28th to May 25th, 2022, the major characters from the original novel, including ‘Bell’ and ‘Hestia,’ will go on an adventure in ‘Elgrad.’

Super Planet will also hold a special event to mark the collaborative update with DanMachi, in which players will receive enough rubies to summon at least 40 times. There will also be a slew of additional exciting events, and more information can be found in the official community.

Are you excited about the Sword Master Story and DanMachi collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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