T3 Arena Super Season 2 Light Guardian update brings a new Map, new Hero, Ranked modes, and more

A new era begins in T3 Arena!

XD Inc has just released a new super season for the action-packed mobile shooter T3 Arena. The T3 Arena Super Season 2 named Light Guardian brings a host of new features including a new playable character, four new maps, and changes to the gameplay modes.

T3 Arena Super Season 2 Light Guardian update brings the new hero Ono in the game

Ono, the Light Guardian, makes his debut in Super Season Two. Ono, a skilled martial artist with a philosophical outlook, adds to the gameplay unique single-target shielding abilities. His Active Ability, Portable Barrier, grants shields through walls, opening up new tactical possibilities.

His second ability, Furious Flash, not only deals damage but also reduces cooldown times with each successful hit. Shock Beam, Ono’s ultimate, deals significant damage and knockback to enemies in exchange for reduced movement speed during its charging phase. Players can unlock Ono by completing their designated hero tasks and reaching level 30 of the premium Battle Pass.

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The Lights On update replaces Battle Pass rewards and store content with direct rewards, providing players with a clear understanding of the items they will receive. This change eliminates the uncertainty that is often associated with randomized rewards, resulting in a more transparent and rewarding experience for players.

The hero upgrade system is also being simplified, with power cores being combined and a streamlined process for acquiring hero passives. Except for Arcade Heroes, players can now use keycoins to buy the passives of heroes who have reached level nine.

T3 Arena Super Season 2 Light Guardian update
Image via XD Inc.

This season’s Battle Pass includes a variety of rewards such as the Stealth Avatar skin for Victor, the Initiate System Banner, the Transform Holo Poster, and more. The update also changes skin acquisition, with the removal of Lucky Draws in favor of direct skin purchases through the store. The Grand Skin Bundle, unlocked by fully advancing the free Battle Pass, gives players the option of several Grand Skins or skin shards, as well as valuable in-game resources.

E-Core City will be the new map being introduced in this update

With its dynamic design and architecture, E-Core City, the newly introduced control map, provides a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. The map encourages strategic maneuvering and tactical engagements, promising a distinct and engaging battlefield for players.

T3 Arena Super Season 2 Light Guardian update
Image via XD Inc.

Boxes and Lucky Draws are being removed in the T3 Arena Super Season 2 update

The removal of boxes and lucky draws represents a shift away from chance-based rewards. This decision is consistent with the developers’ goal of giving players more control over their progress. By removing boxes, the emphasis shifts to providing clear objectives for players to pursue, resulting in a more goal-oriented and predictable in-game experience.

Instead of traditional box rewards, players will receive T coins, power cores, and a new addition known as Hero Vouchers. These vouchers allow players to buy heroes directly with Tjets, eliminating the previous reliance on chance-based mechanics.

T3 Arena Super Season 2 Light Guardian update: Improvements and other updates

Daily Challenges and Player Development

A series of challenges, minigames, and other activities will be unlocked on a daily basis in an effort to improve daily gameplay. Participating in these activities earns you skins, Hero Vouchers, Star coins, and other rewards. Furthermore, the player development program aims to facilitate hero mastery by allowing players to more efficiently unlock and upgrade multiple heroes through accumulated rewards.

Enhancements to Ranked Mode

The update addresses concerns about cheating and unfair practices in order to maintain fairness and integrity in ranked matches. Bug fixes have been implemented to prevent cheating and win trading, and professional ranked matches will temporarily disable spectating to combat sniping and other potential forms of cheating. The developers have stated their intention to reintroduce spectating with a time delay in the future.

Balance Changes

The developers have made balance changes in response to feedback from the player community. Heroes Ya Ya and Diggy’s abilities have been improved, with Ya Ya’s Guild Pistol ammo capacity increasing and Diggy’s Submarine cooldown period decreasing.

Quality of Life Improvements

The developers combined the casual 5v5 matchmaking queues to expedite matchmaking and create a more casual and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, Old Medina, known for its unique gameplay, will be featured in its own mode called Attack Escort.

This is to cater to players looking for unique gameplay experiences. The hero-switching UI has been updated to make the process more efficient, and a new locking function has been added to ensure players always have their preferred hero available.

All in all, the Super Season Two update for T3 Arena heralds a shift towards predictability, choice, and improved gameplay. The removal of boxes, the introduction of Hero Vouchers, the introduction of the new hero Ono, the revamped rewards system, and various gameplay improvements all contribute to the beginning of a new chapter in T3 Arena’s evolution.

Players can expect an experience that gives them more options while emphasizing strategy and mastery. The update is set to go live on August 17th, promising a new and exciting adventure for all T3 Arena fans.

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