Taboo – Official Party Game: Digital version of the Boardgame is coming to mobile

Think fast and talk fast - not to do so would be Taboo!

Marmalade Game Studios, the game developers and publishers who’ve worked on board games like Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Jumanji: The Curse Returns and made digital versions of those games are now going to release a digital version of Taboo – Official Party Game, a popular board game soon on Android and iOS with pre-registrations open now.

Just don’t say the Taboo words!

Taboo – Official Party Game” allows friends to play the game through the in-built video chatting feature and basically allows them to enjoy the classic board game experience but on their mobile devices online. The objective of Taboo is to basically make your teammate guess a word without saying that word or 5 other words listed on a card that is related to that particular word. There is a timer as well which makes the game a little more tough and exciting.

There can be 2-6 players in an Online lobby and Local Party Mode allows for unlimited players to join into the fun. There’s a special 2 player mode in case only 2 players are available along with a bunch of other fun stuff that’ll provide hours of multiplayer fun.

Taboo – Official Party Game pre-registrations are live

Like the other games that Marmalade Studios has put out, this one too would be a paid and ad-free experience for $2.49. An exact release date hasn’t been given yet but the game should release soon. In the meantime, players can pre-register for the game on Android through the Google Play Store and pre-order the game on iOS through the App Store where they can also read the complete list of rules. Additionally, you can always check the game’s official website for more details.

What are your thoughts on Taboo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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