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Tales of Dragon begins pre-registration ahead of its global version launch

Get ready for the ultimate fantasy adventure!

The global version of the much-anticipated mobile MMORPG game, Tales of Dragon, developed by X-Legend Entertainment, is about to be released. The pre-registration phase has commenced, offering participants the chance to earn remarkable in-game treasures upon completing designated tasks. The number of rewards distributed will increase as the number of pre-registered players grows.

Dive into an extraordinary adventure with Tales of Dragon

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with a captivating and feature-rich MMORPG mobile game. Players can immerse themselves in a breathtaking world of adventure, where the game comes to life through stunning graphics and vibrant surround sound effects. Within this unique fantasy continent, a thrilling crisis involving menacing creatures looms on the horizon.

Tales of Dragon pre-registration rewards
Image via X-Legend Entertainment

As a chosen adventurer who has inherited the Power of the Stars, individuals will have the opportunity to gather magical cards, tame and ride majestic dragons, and join forces with friends for thrilling quests. Players should prepare themselves for an exhilarating adventure filled with excitement, taking on the role of the protagonist in this enthralling world.

Here are some of the features of Tales of Dragon:

  • Diverse Styles: Abundant Fashion Choices: The option to select from a wide array of fashion styles, such as swimsuits, sailor uniforms, and charming maid outfits, is available to cater to one’s every preference. Vibrant wings and delightful mount companions serve not only as decorative elements but also offer adventurers significant attribute boosts when combined and enhanced.
  • Heartwarming Socializing: Find Your Other Half: Players can form new friendships and experience the excitement and intense feelings of first love, forging enduring memories as a collective. A selection of couple mounts is available for them to pick from, and they can invite their friends to witness the enchantment and splendor of love.
  • Adorable Pet Development: Power Up with Dragon Egg Hatching: Players can cultivate exceptional and distinct pets, imbuing them with distinctive traits through the incorporation of diverse combat strategies, resulting in an array of limitless tactical opportunities! From celestial weaponry and descendants of deities to enchanted cards and age-old dragons, individuals can relish the process of incubating and fostering a miniature dragon egg, ultimately evolving into an expert in the art of dragon control.

Pre-registration for Tales of Dragon is now live. For more details, players can visit the official website.

Are you excited as pre-registration for Tales of Dragon is now live? Let us know in the comments below!

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