Tales of the Neon Sea is arriving on Android as TapTap exclusive

Get. Set. Investigate.

Tales of the Neon Sea, the retro-styled pixel-art adventure, is one of the latest indie games that has entered the ever-expanding roster of TapTap exclusives and is available for pre-registration. While Tales of the Neon Sea is currently listed on Steam for $16.99, the Android release will be free to download with no in-game ads or purchases.

This adventure game is set in a fully realized cyberpunk cityscape. Players will encounter innumerable items to investigate, curious easter eggs, and a whole cast of interactive NPCs. They must analyze every detail, and discover the truth that lurks behind the heavy mist

Get ready to investigate crime in a future Cyberpunk world

Players will have to take on the role of Rex, who is a veteran cop turned cynical detective. As a cop, players have to investigate crime in a future cyberpunk world, where the magnificent sky city spots out the sun. However, the neon lights in this city would never go out. Players will get a chance to solve a strange murder case involving clues from a robot rebellion.

Tales of the Neon sea android
Tales of the Neon sea features exquisite gameplay

The illusion of the past re-emerges in this game. This includes the weird equipment inside the brain, the mysterious package of evidence, and the shadow with a beaked mask. All these illusions point to a serial murder case from 13 years ago. In that case, a semi-mechanical god manipulates the destiny of all in this utopia. Rebels sneak in the dark, in the underground world where chaotic slums and tricks grow. Players, as detectives will scout for clues and end all the unfulfilled wishes.

Tales of the Neon sea android
Tales of the Neon sea android release

Also, players upon entering this adventure game can get a taste of many wonderful features that they can enjoy while playing Tales of the Neon Sea:

  • A perfect combination of retro pixels and cyberpunk
  • Rich and varied puzzle design
  • Double protagonists: play as the renowned detective and as his feline sidekick
  • A variety of achievements and collectibles

Tales of the Neon Sea is now available for pre-registration

Tales of the Neon Sea is scheduled to launch for players around the world on August 5th, 2021. However, Android users can stay one step ahead and head to TapTap and pre-register for the game now to have a look at the exquisite features of this game.

Are you excited about the upcoming Android release of Tales of the Neon Sea? Let us know in the comment section below.

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